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Advanced Healing Lightwork emerges as a transformative system, offering practitioners a gateway to potent healing energies and progression. With its targeted methods, versatility, and focus on connecting with Sacred Source Energy, this system becomes a valuable tool for addressing specific ailments, providing relief from pain, and fostering overall well-being. Whether applied for self-healing, assisting others, or supporting animals, Advanced Healing Lightwork stands as a beacon of transformative energy for those on the path of healing and progression.

Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


Advanced Healing Lightwork, a channelled system designed to establish a profound connection with the infinite intelligence of Sacred Source Energy for potent healing and progression. This transformative system is crafted to target specific illnesses, wounds, and diseases, utilizing accelerated healing methods that alleviate pain—whether mental, physical, or emotional. Within the comprehensive manual, discover techniques for shrinking, burning, and light healing, each contributing to a faster healing process and relief from pain. Advanced Healing Lightwork encompasses both specific and general healing methods, making it versatile for self-healing, aiding others, and providing healing support to animals in need.

Healing Methods for Precision and Speed: The system’s focus on specific illnesses, wounds, and diseases ensures a targeted and efficient approach to healing. Advanced Healing Lightwork incorporates methods that not only address the root causes of ailments but also accelerate the healing process, providing relief from various forms of pain. The precision and speed of these methods make them invaluable tools for those seeking effective and comprehensive healing.

Versatility in Application: Whether you are seeking self-healing, offering support to others, or extending healing energies to animals, Advanced Healing Lightwork is a versatile system. The energy can be directed toward specific areas that require healing, or a general overall healing approach can be employed. This adaptability makes Advanced Healing Lightwork a valuable resource for practitioners looking to apply healing energies in diverse scenarios.

Shrinking, Burning, and Light Healing Techniques: Explore three distinct techniques within the system:

  1. Shrinking: Address specific issues with the shrinking technique, targeting and reducing the size of ailments for a focused healing approach.

  2. Burning: Employ the burning technique to eliminate unwanted energies or blockages, promoting a cleansing and purifying effect for enhanced well-being.

  3. Light Healing: Harness the power of light healing to bring illumination, clarity, and healing to various aspects of the mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Support for Mental, Physical, and Emotional Pain: Advanced Healing Lightwork goes beyond physical healing, extending its support to mental and emotional realms. Whether you are dealing with mental stress, physical ailments, or emotional pain, the system provides a holistic approach to healing, acknowledging the interconnected nature of well-being.

Connecting with Sacred Source Energy: At the core of Advanced Healing Lightwork is the connection with Sacred Source Energy—an infinite intelligence that serves as the wellspring of healing energies. By tapping into this divine source, practitioners can access powerful energies for healing and progression.

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