Green Reiki

Ann Smith

I never thought distant Reiki attunements could be so powerful until I experienced Green Reiki’s energy sessions. The transformative effects were immediate, and I could feel the positive shifts in my life. Green Reiki has a unique and incredible gift – a true master in the art of distant...

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Saitama One

Green Reiki’s distant attunements are a game-changer! The energy was palpable, and I could sense a profound sense of calm and balance. It’s like having a personal energy coach guiding you through life’s ups and downs. Thank you, Green Reiki, for bringing this amazing healing into my world!

Sara Colinton

Green Reiki’s distant attunements are a gateway to a higher state of being. The energy is pure and uplifting, and I felt a deep connection to a sense of inner peace. Green Reiki’s expertise and compassion shine through, making this a truly transformative experience. I highly recommend it!

Shetty Jamie

Green Reiki’s distant attunements are like a breath of fresh air for the soul. The energy is pure and revitalizing, and I’ve experienced a profound sense of balance and harmony in my life. Green Reiki’s intuitive approach to healing sets them apart, making these attunements a truly enriching experience!

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