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Advanced Healing Reiki stands as a testament to the synergy between ancient wisdom and modern revelation. The energies channeled through the Celestial Hierarchy offer a pathway for practitioners to access transformative healing and contribute to the global shift in consciousness. Embrace the energies, symbols, and the collective intention embedded in this attunement, and may your journey be illuminated with love, light, and joy.

Author: Jay Burrell


Embark on a transformative journey with the energies of Advanced Healing Reiki, a brand-new distant attunement that unfolds the timeless wisdom and healing energies of the Celestial Hierarchy. For several years, the creator has delved into a profound connection with these light beings, seeking to understand and channel energies intended for the upliftment of humankind. The Celestial Hierarchy, a group of enlightened beings, has silently guided energies to healers, spiritual teachers, and seekers as Earth undergoes its vibrational ascension.

Ancient Energies in a Modern Context: While Advanced Healing Reiki is presented as a new system, it bridges the ancient and the contemporary. The energies harnessed through this attunement have existed for millennia, and their unveiling in our current reality is a testament to their timeless nature. The Celestial Hierarchy, custodians of these energies, entrust them to humanity during a crucial period of spiritual ascension, evolution, and the purging of old vibrations.

Connection with the Celestial Hierarchy: The creator, with nearly two decades of experience, has forged a profound connection with the Celestial Hierarchy using a special crystal tool known as the “Energy Point of Light.” This tool facilitates a heightened state of consciousness, enabling a direct communion with these higher beings. The attunement not only shares the channeled energies but also introduces new symbols encoded into each level, empowering practitioners for personal and professional healing, meditations, and more.

Submission of Healing Work: In a spirit of humility, the creator submits this attunement to all Lightworkers, Spiritual Seekers, and Healers. The intention is to foster a collective engagement with the energies of Advanced Healing Reiki, enabling individuals to realize their true potential as teachers, seekers of light, and spiritual healers. The energies embedded in this system serve as a source of love, light, and joy, enriching the journey of those who choose to work with them.

Features of Advanced Healing Reiki:

  1. Channeling Timeless Wisdom: Tap into the timeless wisdom of the Celestial Hierarchy, drawing on energies that have silently influenced healers and seekers for ages.

  2. New Symbols for Transformation: Explore and integrate new symbols encoded into each level, offering tools for personal and professional healing sessions, meditations, and spiritual practices.

  3. Connection with Vibrational Ascension: Navigate the vibrational ascension of Earth and align with the Celestial Hierarchy to contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness.

  4. Uplifting and Transformative Energies: Immerse yourself in the uplifting and transformative energies of Advanced Healing Reiki, enhancing your spiritual journey and healing practices.

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