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The Amida Budda attunement invites Reiki practitioners to explore the rich tapestry of Pure Land Buddhism and the profound energies associated with Amida Buddha. By tapping into the spiritual trinity and working within the etheric background, individuals can experience a sense of alignment, balance, and harmony in their journey toward enlightenment. This attunement stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of Reiki with the spiritual traditions that have influenced its evolution, offering practitioners a unique and meaningful pathway to deeper spiritual understanding.

Author: Jens Soeborg & Andrew Brocklebank


The Amida Butsu attunement holds a special place in the realm of Reiki, closely intertwined with the history of its founders and deeply rooted in the principles of Pure Land Buddhism. In this unique attunement, practitioners are introduced to the revered Amida Buddha, a central figure in Pure Land Buddhism, and are guided to connect with the energies associated with spiritual alignment and balance.

Key Elements of the Amida Butsu Attunement:

  1. Veneration of Amida Buddha: Amida Buddha, also known as Amitābha or Amitāyus, is one of the most venerated Buddhas in Japan. The attunement recognizes the significance of Amida Buddha in the spiritual journeys of Reiki practitioners, highlighting the historical connection between Mrs. Takata and Usui with Pure Land Buddhism.

  2. Pure Land Buddhism: Pure Land Buddhism serves as the spiritual backdrop for the attunement. Practitioners gain insights into the principles and practices of Pure Land Buddhism, which focuses on the aspiration to be reborn in the Pure Land—a realm where enlightenment is easily attainable.

  3. Alignment and Balance: The primary purpose of the Amida Butsu attunement is to foster alignment and balance within the spiritual trinity of mind, body, and spirit. Through the Higher Self method, practitioners access and work with the energies of Amida Butsu to bring about harmony in their spiritual journey.

  4. Etheric Background Healing: Unlike traditional healing systems, the Amida Butsu attunement is not geared specifically toward physical or emotional healing. Instead, it operates within the practitioner’s etheric background, focusing on the subtle energies that contribute to spiritual alignment and balance.

  5. Lightworker Series Integration: The attunement has been re-channeled by Andrew Brocklebank to seamlessly fit into the Lightworker Series of attunements. This adaptation allows practitioners to engage with the energies of Amida Butsu within the context of their broader spiritual exploration and development.

Practical Application:

Practitioners can incorporate the Amida Butsu attunement into their spiritual practices, meditation routines, or moments of contemplation. The focus on alignment and balance provides a foundation for enhancing overall well-being and fostering spiritual growth.

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