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The Angel Journey Activation Program offers a structured and comprehensive approach to connecting with Angelic guidance. Each activation serves a unique purpose, contributing to the overall goal of fostering a deep and transformative relationship with one’s team of Angels and Archangels. By incorporating these activations into daily practices and rituals, individuals can tap into the wisdom, love, and support that Angelic beings offer, enhancing their spiritual journey and overall well.

Author: Tracey Loper


The Angel Journey Activation Program is a transformative energy system designed to connect individuals with their team of Angels and Archangels. Through channeling work, Tracey received information highlighting the presence of divine messengers who guide us towards our highest good. The purpose of this program is to establish a profound connection with these celestial beings, allowing individuals to experience unconditional love, compassion, peace, clarity, and awakening.

Key Activations within the Program:

  1. Angelic Communication Activation:

    • Purpose: Empower clear communication with the Angels.
    • Benefits: Enhances the ability to receive wisdom, guidance, and support from the Angelic realm.
  2. Angelic Vibration Activation:

    • Purpose: Raise vibrations to higher Angelic frequencies.
    • Benefits: Facilitates a connection to clear and positive states necessary for communication with Angels.
  3. Spiritual Gifts Activation:

    • Purpose: Awaken and develop innate spiritual gifts.
    • Benefits: Fine-tunes and expands spiritual gifts for clearer messages from the Angels.
  4. Heart Radiance Activation:

    • Purpose: Awaken the heart center and connect to the Angelic kingdom of love.
    • Benefits: Allows the emission of Angelic Light, spreading healing energy of Angelic Love.
  5. Unconditional Love Activation:

    • Purpose: Reawaken the ability to give and receive unconditional love.
    • Benefits: Opens the heart to receive the love, joy, and guidance that Angels provide.
  6. Emerging Light Activation:

    • Purpose: Increase love in the energy field and surroundings.
    • Benefits: Facilitates the emergence of Angelic Light from the core, connecting with one’s true divine self.
  7. Archangel Activation:

    • Purpose: Enhance connection to the Archangels.
    • Benefits: Strengthens the bond with Archangels for heightened guidance, protection, and support.

Practical Application:

  1. Meditation and Contemplation:

    • Engage in meditation practices to attune to the energies of each activation. Create a sacred space for clear communication with Angelic beings.
  2. Daily Affirmations:

    • Incorporate daily affirmations related to each activation. Affirmations can reinforce the connection with Angels, promoting a positive and aligned mindset.
  3. Energy Healing Sessions:

    • Use the activations during energy healing sessions to channel Angelic energies for personal or client healing. Focus on specific areas that require guidance and support.
  4. Journaling:

    • Maintain a journal to document experiences, messages, and insights received during the activations. Journaling can enhance self-awareness and spiritual growth.
  5. Intention Setting:

    • Set clear intentions before engaging in each activation. Clarify the areas of life where Angelic guidance is sought and open the heart to receive divine wisdom.

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