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The Angelic Ishim System offers a structured approach to connecting with Guardian Angels and exploring Sacred Soul Mastery. With its three levels of attunement, practitioners can enhance their understanding and collaboration with the Angelic Ishim, ultimately empowering themselves to navigate their life paths more consciously. The system provides a unique blend of spiritual insights, skills, and energetic activations to support individuals on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Author: Mariah Windsong


The Angelic Ishim System is designed to provide individuals with skills and management capabilities related to their Guardian Angel. This system also includes an initiation into Sacred Soul Mastery, allowing practitioners to adjust life patterns and navigate their life’s path more consciously. The Angelic Ishim, described as Angelic Beings close to the Creator’s Throne, are associated with serving humanity as Guardian Angels, assisting individuals on their spiritual and life paths.

Key Components of the Angelic Ishim System:

  1. Guardian Angel Skills:

    • The system imparts skills for connecting with and managing one’s Guardian Angel.
    • Practitioners gain insights and abilities to work collaboratively with their Guardian Angel for guidance and support.
  2. Initiation into Sacred Soul Mastery:

    • The system includes an initiation process into Sacred Soul Mastery.
    • Sacred Soul Mastery aims to empower individuals to adjust life patterns and align with their intended life path.
  3. Order of Angelic Ishim:

    • The Angelic Ishim are described as an order of Angels closely connected to the Creator’s Throne.
    • They are known to assist humanity, particularly in the form of Guardian Angels.
  4. Role of Guardian Angels:

    • Guardian Angels from the Ishim order are said to help individuals transcend limitations in their physical bodies and navigate the parameters set during their incarnation on Earth.
    • They play a supportive role in spiritual and life paths.
  5. Three Levels of Attunement:

    • The Angelic Ishim System consists of three separate levels of attunement.
    • Each level serves a distinct purpose in connecting practitioners with the energies of the Ishim and enhancing their abilities.
  6. Level 1: Main Attunement:

    • The first level is the main attunement that establishes a connection with the Angelic Ishim Energies.
    • It lays the foundation for further exploration and collaboration with Guardian Angels.
  7. Level 2: Green Bee Eater Empowerment:

    • The second level connects practitioners with the Green Bee Eater Empowerment, representing the animal aspect of the Ishim.
    • The Green Bee Eaters are believed to strengthen the link to the Ishim energies.
  8. Level 3: Soul Mastery Function and Guardian Angel Management:

    • The third level provides practitioners with the ability to activate the Soul Mastery Function.
    • It also introduces the Guardian Angel Management Session, a tool for managing one’s Guardian Angel and assisting others in the process.
  9. Minimum Waiting Period for Teachers:

    • Teachers are advised to wait a minimum of three days after accepting their third attunement before energetically transmitting the energies to others.

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