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The Angelic Life Path Healing Attunement for Children is a compassionate and intuitive system that empowers practitioners to channel angelic energies for the well-being of children. By addressing age-specific challenges through the three rays of light, this attunement provides a supportive framework for children’s social, emotional, and physical development. The simplicity of the system encourages practitioners to work with the energies effortlessly, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced healers.

Author: Raine Hilton


The Angelic Life Path Healing Attunement for Children is a system designed to harness the healing energies of angels to support children at various stages of their social and behavioral development. This attunement works with three rays of light symbolizing the transformational stages of development, providing assistance from birth through adulthood. The angels associated with each ray address specific challenges and issues faced by children during their formative years.

Key Components:

  1. Three Rays of Light:

    • The attunement operates within three rays of light, each representing a developmental stage: Pink Ray (0-4 years), Green Ray (5-10 years), and Blue Ray (11-16 years).
    • Each ray focuses on age-related problems and challenges, providing targeted healing and support.
  2. Age-Related Problems Addressed:

    • Pink Ray (0-4 Years):
      • Birth difficulties, bonding issues, soul integration, sleep problems, feeding, teething, separation anxiety, bonding with caregivers, disturbed routines, and integration of celestial and starseed roots.
    • Green Ray (5-10 Years):
      • Starting school fears, anxiety, abuse, communication struggles, exclusion, loneliness, fear of the dark, bedwetting, night terrors, attention-seeking, sibling rivalry, and coping with the death of a loved one.
    • Blue Ray (11-16 Years):
      • New school challenges, self-development issues, hormonal imbalances, peer pressure, social anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, insecurities, learning difficulties, addictions, sexual identity, body image issues, weight and diet concerns, trust issues, fear of failure, and relationship challenges.
  3. Simple and Intuitive System:

    • The system is designed to be user-friendly with no complicated symbols or hand positions to learn.
    • Practitioners can call upon angels from the relevant ray, and the angels intuitively know how to assist for the child’s highest good.
  4. Evocation of Archangels:

    • Guidance on evoking archangels for protection and support during the healing process.
  5. Children’s Angelic Rainbow Heart Orb:

    • A special technique for addressing common childhood issues like coughs, colds, fevers, bumps, bruises, and accidents using the Children’s Angelic Rainbow Heart Orb.
  6. Chakra Development and Problem Solving:

    • Insights into children’s chakra development from birth to the teenage years.
    • Problem-solving suggestions for various challenges encountered during different developmental stages.

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