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As you undertake the sacred Attunement to Aradia – Queen of the Witches, prepare to be immersed in a tapestry of spiritual protection, spell empowerment, lunar harmony, elevated qualities, success magnetism, communion with spirits, and healing proficiency. Aradia’s teachings echo through time, offering a transformative path for those seeking the essence of ancient Pagan wisdom in the modern world. Let the blessings of the Queen of the Witches guide you on your journey of spiritual evolution.

Author: Maria Joao Sereno


Explore the enchanting legacy of Aradia, the revered Holy Strega of Italian Witchcraft, born on the mystical date of August 11, 1313 AD, in the picturesque town of Volterra, Tuscany. Aradia is not just a historical figure; she embodies the essence of Italian Witchcraft and is hailed as the feminine “Avatar,” a Goddess sent to Earth by Mother Diana, the Great Goddess of Witches and Fairies.

The Divine Mission: Reviving Ancient Pagan Religion

Aradia’s divine mission, according to the rich traditions and folklore of Italian Witchcraft, unfolds as a sacred narrative. Mother Diana dispatched Aradia to Earth to impart the profound art of Witchcraft to humanity. This sacred knowledge aimed to ignite the revival of the ancient Pagan Religion, which had been eclipsed by the shadows of oppression.

A Beacon of Liberation: Aradia’s Teachings

Aradia, also known as the Holy Strega, assumed the role of a liberator. A beacon of hope for the oppressed classes, she embarked on a mission to emancipate them from the clutches of clergy and nobility. Through her teachings, Aradia empowered peasants, bringing forth the light of ancient wisdom to dispel the darkness of exploitation.

Transformational Teachings: Aligning with Cosmic Forces

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation by embracing the teachings of Aradia. Align your life with the vibrational frequencies of Heaven, Earth, Moon, and Universe. This profound attunement paves the way for a change inspired by the Goddess herself, a change that has become an integral part of Wiccan rituals today.

Blessings of Aradia’s Attunement:

  1. Spiritual Protection: Envelop yourself in the protective energies bestowed by Aradia, ensuring a shield against negative forces.

  2. Spell Enhancement: Experience an increased potency of spells as you attune yourself to the magical energies imparted by the Queen of the Witches.

  3. Harmony with Lunar Energies and Nature: Tune into the rhythms of the moon and Mother Nature, fostering a harmonious connection with the natural world.

  4. Elevated Qualities: Embrace heightened clarity, femininity, beauty, and courtesy as the energies of Aradia infuse your being.

  5. Success Magnetism: Attract success into your life by invoking the transformative powers embedded in Aradia’s teachings.

  6. Communion with Spirits: Develop the ability to commune with spirits, unlocking a realm of hidden knowledge and ancient wisdom.

  7. Healing Proficiency: Attain the skill to cure illnesses and harness the healing energies embedded in the attunement.

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