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Embark on a transformative journey with Ashati energy healing, unlocking refined vibrational frequencies beyond traditional methods. Ashati Level 1, the foundation course, guides you through profound healing and psychic development, offering diverse techniques for self-healing and treating others. Elevate your consciousness and align with the Divine Mind for a life-altering experience.

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Author: Jerome Baudel


Discover a realm of healing beyond Reiki or Seichim—enter Ashati, a system boasting energies of refined and higher vibrational frequencies. These energies, entirely new to Earth, are intricately connected to the mental healing of both the lower and higher minds, guiding spiritual ascension towards alignment with the Divine Mind. Dive into profound emotional and physical healing, past life healing, and transformation on the deepest levels of your being and life.

Key Features:

  • Refined Vibrational Frequency: Ashati energies offer a unique and refined frequency, elevating beyond traditional Reiki or Seichim.
  • Mental Healing: Targeting the lower and higher minds, Ashati facilitates deep emotional and physical healing, influencing thought patterns, beliefs, and manifestation abilities.
  • Spiritual Ascension: Experience a transformative journey towards alignment with the Divine Mind, awakening higher levels of consciousness.

Ashati Level 1 – Foundation Course: Embark on your healing and psychic development journey with Ashati Level 1—the foundation course for a spectacular metamorphosis of mind, body, and spirit. Delve into Ashati energy, explore the first Ashati symbol, and witness transformative effects on the lower mind. This level equips you with diverse techniques for self-healing, treating others, and nurturing your psychic and spiritual gifts.

Contents of Level 1 Manual:

  • Purpose of Ashati
  • Structure of Ashati
  • The Brain and Consciousness Levels
  • Body, Soul & Spirit Connection
  • Chakras, Energy Bodies & Meridians
  • Ashati 1 Energy Activation
  • Channelling Energy Techniques
  • Healing Techniques & Protection Methods
  • Mental Healing Insights
  • Ashati 1 Symbol’s Transformative Power
  • Universal Dimensions Exploration
  • Soul Guides Connection
  • Symbolism & Interpretation Exploration
  • Awareness Development Activities


  • Profound Healing: Experience deep emotional and physical healing through the transformative energies of Ashati.
  • Psychic Sensitivity: Enhance psychic abilities and increase sensitivity to energy shifts.
  • Spiritual Growth: Accelerate spiritual ascension, unlocking higher dimensions of consciousness.

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