Brighid’s Healing Waters Empowerment


Embark on a healing journey with the Distant Attunement to Brighid’s Healing Waters. Connect with the divine energies of Goddess Brighid and experience enhanced healing capacities. Learn to empower water for rituals, manifestations, and holistic well-being.

Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


Brighid’s Healing Waters Attunement: A Sacred Connection for Healing and Empowerment

Introduction: Step into the realm of healing and empowerment with the Distant Attunement to Brighid’s Healing Waters. This channelled attunement establishes a profound connection with Spirit, the revered Goddess Brighid, and the Sacred Waters from Brighid’s Well. Immerse yourself in the healing energies believed to be sacred, fostering a deep sense of love and compassion.

Objectives: This attunement is crafted to amplify your healing abilities, facilitating self-healing and extending to others, plants, animals, and the Earth itself. Learn the art of empowering water for use in healing sessions, manifestations, and protective rituals.


  • Sacred Connection: Establish a direct link with the healing energies of Brighid’s Sacred Waters.
  • Enhanced Healing: Elevate your healing capabilities for yourself and others.
  • Empowered Water: Learn to infuse water with potent energies for various rituals.

Key Features:

  1. Spiritual Connection: Connect with the divine energies of Goddess Brighid and the sacred well.
  2. Holistic Healing: Extend healing energies to individuals, nature, and the Earth.
  3. Empowerment Techniques: Discover methods to empower water for rituals and manifestations.

How It Works: The attunement channels potent energies from Brighid’s Healing Waters, infusing you with love and compassion. It enhances your healing capacities and empowers you to extend these energies to various aspects of life, creating a harmonious and balanced existence.


  • Advanced healing capabilities.
  • Spiritual connection with Goddess Brighid.
  • Empowerment for rituals and manifestations.

Tags: Energy Healing, Spiritual Connection, Empowerment, Rituals, Goddess Brighid.

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