Divine Magick Reiki


The text conveys a sense of reverence for the combined power of Magick and Reiki, highlighting the potential for personal and spiritual growth when these modalities are integrated and utilized with intention and mindfulness.

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Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


The combination of Magick and Reiki described in your message suggests a holistic and spiritually aligned approach to healing and personal development. Here are some key points highlighted in your text:

  1. Inspiration and Energy in Healing Sessions:

    • The integration of Magick and Reiki is described as both inspiring and energizing, suggesting a synergistic effect when these two modalities are used together during a healing session.
  2. Accessing Divine Consciousness:

    • The combined use of Magick and Reiki is said to provide access to a powerful force of energy that flows from the Divine Consciousness. This energy is described as the very essence of Magick and operates through the Creative Source Vibration.
  3. Creative Source Vibration:

    • The Creative Source Vibration is mentioned as the core energy that drives the Magick and Reiki combination. This suggests a focus on the creative and transformative aspects of these modalities.
  4. Personal Empowerment:

    • The system is said to offer personal empowerment by allowing individuals to work with the vibrations of both Magick and the Reiki Spectrum. This implies that practitioners can harness these energies for their own personal development and spiritual advancement.
  5. Simplicity and Life-Changing Potential:

    • The system is described as simple to use but with the potential for significant life changes when activated under the right circumstances. This indicates that the effectiveness of the Magick and Reiki combination is not necessarily dependent on complexity but rather on alignment and intention.
  6. Spiritual Advancement:

    • The text suggests that working with the combined energies of Magick and Reiki can contribute to spiritual advancement, indicating a broader focus on personal growth beyond the physical and mental realms.
  7. Alignment with Divine Essence:

    • The concept of flowing energy from the Divine Consciousness and accessing the very Essence of Magick implies an alignment with higher spiritual principles and the source of creative power.
  8. Transformation and Transcendence:

    • The use of the term “life-changing” and the emphasis on personal empowerment suggest that the Magick and Reiki combination is not only about healing but also about facilitating transformative experiences and spiritual transcendence.


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