Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Re-Alignment

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The text offers insights into a holistic approach to understanding and applying the principles of divine masculine and divine feminine energies, emphasizing balance and harmony within oneself. The provided teachings aim to guide individuals in recognizing and working with these energies for personal empowerment and well-being.

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Author: Jay Burrell


The concept presented in the text revolves around the understanding of divine masculine and divine feminine energies, transcending the traditional association of these qualities with gender. It emphasizes the idea that each individual possesses a unique combination of both energies, and achieving a balance between them leads to a harmonious life. Here are some key points outlined in the text:

  1. Beyond Gender Stereotypes:

    • The text challenges the traditional association of certain qualities as inherently masculine or feminine. It advocates for recognizing that these qualities can exist independently of gender and that individuals embody dynamic combinations of both.
  2. Chinese Medicine and Acupressure Influence:

    • The concept of divine masculine and feminine energies is introduced in the context of Chinese medicine and acupressure, where the terms “Yin” and “Yang” are used to represent feminine and masculine energies, respectively.
  3. Balancing Yin and Yang Energies:

    • The text suggests that achieving a balance between giving (masculine energy) and receiving (feminine energy) is essential for feeling harmonious within. This balance is described as leading to a sense of security and alleviating worry or fear about various aspects of life, including money and the world’s negativity.
  4. Universal Energies, Not Gender-Specific:

    • While the energies are commonly associated with gender, the text emphasizes that it’s not referring to gender but rather to universal energies that everyone possesses. Individuals are said to be born with both yin and yang energies, with the potential to lean more towards one polarity.
  5. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Re-Alignment Empowerment:

    • The text mentions a teaching or empowerment called “Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Re-Alignment,” which covers topics such as the four divine energy types, the Greater Yin and Lesser Yin, the Greater Yang and Lesser Yang, the Khemetian, and practical ways to apply these principles in life.
  6. Activating and Awakening Energies:

    • Practical aspects are discussed, including ways to activate the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Benefits associated with awakening each energy are mentioned.
  7. Environmental Impact of Masculine Energy:

    • There’s a statement suggesting that masculine energy is contributing to the destruction of the planet, without specifying how or why. This could be a perspective rooted in environmental or sociopolitical concerns.
  8. Symbols of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine:

    • The text mentions symbols associated with the divine masculine and divine feminine, possibly indicating the use of symbolic representations to tap into and work with these energies.


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