Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki


As with any spiritual or energy healing system, personal experiences with these practices may vary. Individuals interested in exploring these concepts may find it beneficial to approach them with an open mind, a sense of personal discernment, and a willingness to explore their own spiritual journey.

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Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


The “Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki” system you’re describing seems to be a form of energy healing or spiritual practice that involves connecting with the energies and spirits of dragons for various benefits. Here are some key points from the description:

  1. Channeled Energy: The system is described as being channeled to help individuals connect with the Spirit of the Dragons and Creative Source. This suggests that the practices involved were received or inspired through a form of channeling or spiritual communication.

  2. Spiritual Wisdom: The Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki are said to assist in gaining spiritual wisdom. Dragons, often associated with wisdom and ancient knowledge, are presented as spiritual guides in this context.

  3. Healing, Love, and Abundance: The dragons are mentioned as seeking to assist individuals with various positive aspects of life, including healing, love, and abundance. This implies a holistic approach to well-being.

  4. Fun and Empowering Energies: The energies associated with this system are described as fun to work with and filled with the ability to help individuals tap into their inner power. This suggests a positive and empowering nature to the practice.

  5. Connection with Powerful Dragons: The dragons themselves are presented as powerful beings, and connecting with them is believed to bring their assistance in times of need. This implies a personal and ongoing relationship with these spiritual entities.

  6. Soul Light and Courage: The Dragons of Light and Empowerment are said to brighten the individual’s energies with their soul light, providing courage to be true to oneself. This suggests a transformative and uplifting aspect to the practice.

  7. Encouragement to Be True to Oneself: The dragons are described as providing courage to be who individuals are truly meant to be, emphasizing authenticity and self-discovery.


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