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Pagan Wheel of the Year contains 8 attunements to the Sabbats of the year to enable you to reawaken and rekindle the Spirit of each of the Sabbats for Meditation, Spell work and Healing.

The founder explains within the manaul: The Pagan Calendar is based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. This is closely attuned to the natural rhythms and cycles of Nature and the passing Seasons plus the 8 points of the year which are seen as having significance – these are the Sabbats. The modern Gregorian Calendar is filled with Holidays and Festivals that celebrate notable events in History or honouring some event of Religioys significance. However, nature has no knowledge of these man-made dates, the Trees do not loose their leaves becasue of the month, Sheep do not Lamb according to the dates on a Calendar and the Tortoise does not enter Hibernation because the date is right. All of these things are influenced by the Daylight hours and temperature which change as the Earth moves through its Elliptical Orbit around the Sun {The Seasons}.

The 8 Sabbats that make up the wheel are:

* Yule – Yule marks the ascent of the God who brings the Sun to warm and ripedn the land. A promise of better times to come.

* Imbolc – The celebration of Light, reflecting the lenghtening of the days and teh hope of Spring.

* Ostara – The time of renewal and rebirth when Nature springs into life, the season of Fertility.

* Beltane – The celebration of honouring life, when the sun is at its most powerful.

* Litha – Summer Solistice is a time for Cleansing and Purifying rituals.

* Lughnasadh – Often called Lammas, this is the celebration of the Harvest.

* Mabon – A time for Reflection, Reaping the benefits of past efforts and giving thanks for the bounty of life.

* Samhain – This is when the veil between the Worlds is at its thinnest, a powerful time for divination and contacting the Spirit Realms.

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