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There isnt much to say about Spirit Reiki apart from the fact that it has been one of the most well used systems in my Healing workshops. The main focus of Spirit Reiki is the Spiritual Encoding of Reiki symbols into your Auric Field. These symbols are then accessed during Meditation or before a Healing Session.

The Symbols that you are attuned to are:

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

This is the Reiki Distant Healing Symbol that allows you to send Healing to the Past, Present and Future.

Spirit Awakening

This Symbol helps to Awaken your Spirit from within so that you can reach your Spirits Highest Goals.


The Soul Symbol is given to help you connect with the Christ Self so that you can establish a stronger bond with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Protection and Pain Relief.

Eye of Anu

The Eye of Anu Symbol is given to increase the flow of Positive Energies in one’s life. It can also be used to help increase Abundance and Prosperity in all things.

Crystal Blossom

The Crystal Blossom symbol helps to Clear Confusion.

Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei is taken from the Usui Reiki method and is used to add Power to your Healing Sessions as well as directing Spirit Energy to a situation.

Dai Ko Mio

Similar to Cho Ku Rei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, the Dai Ko Mio Symbol is taken from the Usui Reiki method and is also called the Master Symbol. This Symbol when activated helps to increase the power of your Healing sessions.

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