Symbolic Law of Vibration

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This system has been designed to move you into an Etheric space where you can connect with the vibrational energies of the Law of Vibration. You will receive the energetic Encoding to 3 unique symbols that work to help you connect with the energies of this system as well as the energies of Change, Unity & High Vibration.

The 3 Symbols are:

1. The Symbol of Change – This symbol helps to removes old negative subconscious energies that are implanted into your conscious mind. These energies are then replaced with positive new thoughts which flow from the subconscious into the conscious.

2. The Symbol of Unity – This symbol works to connect the 3 minds (The Higher Mind, Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind) so that they function together to bring about manifestation into your life.

3. The Symbol of High Vibration for Manifestation – This symbol works to keep your energy in a state of higher vibrations that will work to help you break from the etheric manifestation into the physical realm where you can actually experience it in your current reality.

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