The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment

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Originally channelled as part of the Rainbow Light Healing System series, the Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment is now available to everyone with no prerequisites.

The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment was originally channelled as the 7th instalment within the Rainbow Light Healing System Series but after several requests from students who wishes to connect with the Angelic Orbs but did not want to work with the full Rainbow Light energies, I have re-channelled this attunement to make it available to everyone who wishes to restore their connections with the realms of the Angels. The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment have been channelled for practitioners who specifically work with the energies of Angels and who are not attuned or connected with the energetic frequencies of Usui Reiki. Creating an Angelic Orb of Light is a process that will allow you to create a Sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, Protection of the Angels. This Orb of Light can be sent to a recipient, and the energy it contains will remain within the Sphere until the recipient calls the Sphere and receives the energies. This allows the recipient to mentally and spiritually receive the vibrational energies of the Orb at any time and on many occasions

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