The Crystal Energies of Atlantis

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When discussing the subject of Atlantis, there is a whole Plethora of Information, Myth, Fact, Fiction and Theory that it is all too easy to stray from the main focus on the Atlantians. It is our purpose in this Introduction, not to argue a point of view but to simply present REality from the HEart that is Atlantis. This is not as she would have looked on in this Physical World but how she can be reached via Spiritual and Energetic means at any moment of the Day or Night, across Time and Space. Atlantis was a Technological City which was filled with Advacned Knowledge of how to use Crystals for the purpise of Healing, Crossing Over, Meditation, Awakening, Increasing Psychic Abilities, Increasing Mental Capacity and Clarity of Thought. Atlanteans used Crystals for the progress of Advancing their Science and Technology, they had many Temples which grew different types of Crystals that were used for Dematerialization, Teleportation, and Telekinesis, as well as Magnetic Force Fields. Atlantis had huge Libraries that stored Sacred Records and other Knowledge using Crystals much like a Computer is used today. Within this system you may learn about Previous Experiences or Connections that you have had with Atlantis, especially if you are a Starseed. Many Starseeds are naturally drawn to the Atlantean Energies as these can help you to access latent abilities and techniques that you learnt while you were a member of this civilisation.

This system is made up of 4 Attunements, each to be taken 1 week apart to allow your body time to fully absorb and integrate the Energies.

* Elemental Balancing

The 1st level works to bring Balance to the Elements within your body in order to provide a strong foundation for the Higher Vibrational Energies to flow through you.

* Crystals of Atlantis

The 2nd level works with specific Crystalline Energies which resonate directly with Atlantis and will form your Atlantean Crystal Foundation. This will help to develop and strengthen your connection to the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis, allowing you to be guided and inspired by them.

* Atlantean Crystal Energy Field

The 3rd level attunes you to the Atlantea Crystalline Energies which will be callibrated for you personally to resonate with where you are currently on your Spiritual Path and Development. After your Attunement, you will then have access to any Crystals you need for Healing.

* Atlantean Great Crystal (Master Generator)

The 4th and final Attunement is where you will visit the Great Crystal of Atlantis where you will gain Wisdom and Knowledge, not only relating to Atlantis but also to those from the Star Systems where Atlanteans came from. You will also be introduced to your Atlantean Guide who will work with you during this system.

Due to the unfolding nature of this Attunements, you might also want to check out the following Attunements which will work perfectly well when combined with these energies. These listed Attnuements were also channeled by me and are part of my Advanced Systems of Energy work.

1. The Celestial LightBody Activation

2. The Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation

3. The Celestial Light Code Activations

4. The Celestial Starseed Activation

5. The Celestial Crystals Empowerment

6. The Celestial Chakra Activations 1-4

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