The Gems of Hestia & Vesta

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Hestia and Vesta, Goddesses of Hearth and Home can be called upon to bring Happiness, Home Blessings, Clearing and Cleansing. The energies when activated work to bring forth the Gems of the Hearth and Home to lend us Strength, Nourishment, Warmth, Abundance, Well-Being, Wholeness, Safety, Protection and much more. The Gems of Hestia and Vesta will bring out the act of Forgiveness and Non-Judgement as well as Unconditional Love and Acceptance. The Goddess can be invoked to aid you in Meditation while helping you to focus your attention inwards. The Goddess Energies bring you Self Control and Self Discipline as well as the ability to control your thoughts so that you think before you speak.

Within the 35 page Manual you will learn a sacred Ritual for House Clearing, Cleansing, Blessing and the removal of Negative Energies, Entities, Spirits and Attachment. This Ritual can be used in your Home, Office or any Building. There is also a Guided Meditation for Clearing the self of Negative Energies and a Ritual for Programming a Special Gem that you can receive from the Goddess.

If you are interested in House Clearing and working with a more advanced form of energy, please check out the Spirit Release Healing Method that I channeled in 2012. Please CLICK HERE for more information

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