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Have you ever wondered, “Am I a mystic” or “What is it to become a Mystic”. If you are honest with yourself, the chances are you have never thought about it until this point in time. Mysticism holds a very loose definition which can often seem complicated, confusing and nearly impossible to express with mere words. In Mysticism, direct knowledge of a spiritual truth or an ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experiences. Ultimate reality is something that is supreme, final, and the fundamental power in all reality. Unlike Christianity, Islam or Judaism, Mysticism is not rooted in one particular faith, principle, dogma, or even belief system. This is because you do not “believe” in Mysticism. Instead, Mystics are born!

For mystics, the world is expansive and magical yet also intricately and undoubtedly connected. Mystics must possess a certain frame of mind, or ways of honing psychic abilities when viewing the world and have an understanding temperament. For example, while some believe impulses to be random and instinctual, Mystics see the divine intervention behind the impulse. Free will does not exist. Instead, there is a greater fundamental power that moves every action and decision toward the accomplishment of a greater plan. Because of this natural understanding of the universe in everything, Mystics feel a need to serve others in order to help guide them through obstacles and critical life decisions. Their ability for intuition and connection is unique and is derived from within. Not everyone can be a mystic, it is not something that can usually be learnt or taught, therefore those who realise their innate abilities have the responsibility to help those without so that they can also learn how to live the life of a Mystic.

The Mystic Self Empowerment connects you with your innate ability to awaken the intuition that lays dormant within you. This occurs through the opening and expansion of your crown and third eye chakras to receive messages from your spirit guides, guardian angels, totem animals and spiritual ancestors who are all waiting for you to ask for their help. This system consists of a powerful infusion of spiritual energy and magic that is designed to empower and speed up the connection of your psychic abilities. Using the energies will enhance your intuition and spiritual instincts so that they work in harmony with each other. This system works to connect all aspects of your psyche so that you have a deeper perception of any situation that you face on your spiritual and life’s path. Your awareness of all that is and all that goes on around you is clear. If you are seeking solutions to problems or inspirations for creative projects or ways to achieve your spiritual and life’s goals. The energies of this empowerment will help you to do this. It allows you to see what the results may be with different perceptions so that you can make the best decisions and avoid any unpleasant situations. It is easy to use and the energies are pure and powerful.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* 9 Tips for Honing your Intuition.

* Sacred Trust.

* Be in Devotion.

* To get in Touch with your Intuition – Some Energetic House Clearing is Required.

* Find a Teacher.

* Ethics.

* Psychic Teacher Red Flags.

* Practice Presence and Compassion.

* Performing Readings for Others.

* Oracle and Tarot Cards.

* Opening the 3rd Eye Chakra.

* How to Clear your 3rd Eye Chakra.

* Gratitude.

* Mond Shift: Focus on Abundance.

* Visualisation.

* Being Positive.

* Affirmations.

* Meditation.

* Discover the Truth Within.

* Your Experiences and Existence.

* You and Your Intuition.

* Your own Set of Rules.

* Learn how to work with the Mystic Self.

* How to Activate the Mystic Self.

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