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There are many who work with energy healing and distant attunement because they want to develop their psychic abilities. One of the interesting side effects of the Usui Reiki method of natural healing is that it opens the psychic centers of the mind to help enhance and awaken the 3rd eye and crown chakras. This in turn, creates the perfect conditions for your spiritual gifts to manifest. An added bonus of distant attunememts is the gift of energy work that have been channelled to specifically focus on this development. 3 of the courses that I have used for many years which have helped me to expand my own spiritual gifts are those of Ashati. The Energies of Ashati are completely new to the Earth and are directly linked to Mental Healing of the Lower and Higher Mind as well as aiding in one’s Spiritual Ascension towards alignment with the Divine Mind. Ashati is included in this package.

To awaken your psychic gifts, these attunements will help to expand, clear, soften and align your higher chakras with those of the Godhead to bring forth powerful and life-changing gifts of spirit communication and mediumship where you can connect with your guides, the archangels, masters and guardian angels. Through this brand new attunement package, I have chosen several distant attunements that I have found to be the most profound in giving these gifts. I have also included attunements that I have channelled and are given to help with this psychic expansion.

It is important to remember that non of these attunements will automatically make your psychic. They will help with the development of these gifts but at the end of the day, your developmnet is in your hands and you must exercise these gifts, research techniques that have been designed to awaken these gifts and most important of all, you must have patience while these gifts develop, Nothing happens overnight but with patience and determination, you will find that in time, your psychic abilities will grow 10-fold.

To learn more about each of the attunements within this package, please CLICK HERE

You will receive the following Attunements as part of this package:

Angel LightCode Healing Reiki

Aqua Aura Flush

Ashati Levels 1,2,3

Celestial LightCode Activations Lvl 1

Celestial LightCode Activations Lvl 2

Celestial LightBody Activation

Clairsentient Awakening

Cosmic Kundalini Reiki

Familiar Spirits Energy

Infinity Reiki

Intuition & Enorasis

Intuition Reiki

Jeremejevite Crystalline Fusion Empowerment

Light of the Mind 3rd Eye Star Empowerment

Light of the Masters Healing Empowerment

Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation

Open the Path to Mediumship Reiki

Psychic Indigo Energy Essence

Psychic Messages Reiki

Quantum Quattro & Melody Stone Empowerment

Reiki Ryoho 1st – 4th Degrees

Spirit to Spirit Communication Reiki

Telepathy Gene Awakening

The Akashic Empowerment

The Attunement Protection Shield Empowerment

The Celestial Chakra Activations Levels 1,2,3,4,5

The Channeling Flush Empowerment

The Etheric Crystalline Encodings Levels 1,2,3

The Inner Eye Empowerment

The Moldavite Crystal Empowerment

The New Reiki Psychic Attunement

The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment

The Psychic Orb Empowerment

The Selenite Crystal Empowerment

The Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Empowerment

The Spirit Quartz Essence

The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment

The Universal Angels Empowerment

The Zeal Chakra Activation

The Zero Point Energy Matrix

Unlimited Potential Chakras

Whispers Energy

WhiteLight Self Empowerment

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