The Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Flush Empowerment

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Two questions that I am asked time and time again by students and spiritual seekers are “How do I connect with my Spirit Guide” and “How do I learn how to Lucid Dream”. It is my hope that through this manual and the information that I give plus the distant attunement that you will gain the spiritual tools that you can use to not only connect with your guide but also master the art controlling your dreams, also known as “Lucid Dreaming”

To, many people, spirit guides are entities that we choose before we incarnate or they are helpers that are assigned to us before birth. To others, spirit guides represent parts of our unconscious minds that symbolically help us to find wholeness. And still, to other people, a spirit guide is part of our higher selves that reveals itself to us in various shapes and forms. No matter what you think a Spirit Guide is, and no matter how “new age” or “down-to-earth” your understanding, it is beyond doubt that we all need guidance, direction and support in life beyond our own capabilities, or those who surround us. Spirit guides, like many other elements of spirituality, have been heavily sullied, and commercialised both on the internet and in real life, but despite the apparent tarnishing of their value, spirit guides are nevertheless a shared human experience. Spirit guides are often thought as spirits that guide us, but in my experience with them, they are universal forces that guide our spirits to greater clarity, freedom, joy, and peace. Lucid dreaming is also a very important way in which you can connect with your spirit guides through your dreams. Lucid Dreaming happens when you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming. You are able to recognise your thoughts and emotions as the dream happens. Sometimes you can control the Lucid Dream. You may be ale to change the people, environment, or storyline. This type of dream of control could potentially help with your connections to Spirit Guides as well as Animal Guides. If you want to learn how to connect with your Spirit Guide and Lucid Dream then this is the attunement for you.

Within the accompanying 46 page manual you will learn about the following plus much more:

* What/Who Are Spirit Guides?

* Main Types of Spirit Guides {Protector Guides, Gatekeeper Guides, Messenger Guides, Healing Guides & Teacher Guides}

* Scrying to Connect with your Spirit Guides

* Dream Work

* Lucid Dreaming

* How to Lucid Dream Tonight – 3 Dreaming Techniques

* How to Harness the True Power of Lucid Dreaming

* Bibliomancy

* Plant Medicine Journeying

* Talking to Your Spirit Guides

* Spirit Guides & Crystals

* How to work with the Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Flush

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