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The Four Heavenly Kings live on the first level of the Six Desirous Heavens, which is believed to be located halfway up Mount Sumeru, and is situated near the Human Realm. The tip of the mountain is the home of Lord Indra. The Four Great Heavenly Kings abide respectively on the four sides of the mountain. Their Dharma suppress’s Demons and works to eliminate Evil Influences. Each of The Four Heavenly Kings carries a mystical weapon that symbolises their unique powers, and they are known as “The Great Dharma Protectors”.

Wind, Harmony, Rain and Prosperity are Four divine attributes characterising The Heavenly Kings.

* Wind – Refers to the blade of the precious sword which is used to protect all sentient beings.

* Harmony- Refers to the stringed instrument played to benefit the world.

* Rain- Refers to the umbrella employed to subjugate demons.

* Prosperity- Is the dragon which uses its heavenly sight to observe and safeguard the Human Realm.

With this attunement, you will be attuned to the vibrations of the Heavenly Kings:

* Heavenly King of the North – Mo Li Shou Vaisravana

* Heavenly King of the East – Mo Li Qing Dhrtarastra

* Heavenly King of the South – Mo Li Hong Virudhaka

* Heavenly King of the West – Mo Li Hai Virupaksa

The Four Heavenly Kings will help you with the following plus much more:

* Supressing Demins and Evil Influences.

* Gives Immidiate Protection.

* Brings Harmony & Spiritual Balance.

* Brings Prosperity & Wealth.

* Gives Knowledge of Dharma.

* Improves Life.

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