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Experience the transformative power of Aasta Energy Healing, a unique system designed to clear, balance, and align the Heart Chakra. Rooted in the Norwegian word for love, Aasta goes beyond conventional healing, fostering self-love and facilitating unconditional love exchange. Enlist the blessings of Archangel Uriel and Chamuel to heal emotional distress, creating a harmonious and heart-centric approach to energy healing. Immerse yourself in the essence of love with Aasta.

Author: Charlotte Ann Snares


Introducing Aasta, a transformative form of energy healing rooted in the Norwegian word for love, meaning “Aasta.” This unique healing system has been meticulously crafted to focus exclusively on the clearing, balancing, and aligning of the Heart Chakra. Aasta goes beyond the conventional, offering a simple yet powerful approach to energy healing that addresses blockages, eliminates negativity, and facilitates the blossoming of self-love. Through this system, individuals are guided to embrace love unconditionally, fostering a harmonious exchange of giving and receiving. Aasta’s healing energies extend to the realm of emotional distress, drawing upon the blessings of Archangel Uriel and Chamuel for profound healing.

Highlights: The Essence of Aasta Energy Healing Immerse yourself in the essence of Aasta, a healing modality that resonates with the very meaning of love in Norwegian. This system places a singular focus on the Heart Chakra, offering a pathway to clarity, balance, and alignment, guided by the transformative energies of Aasta.

Objectives: Clearing, Balancing, and Aligning the Heart Chakra Aasta’s primary objectives are threefold: to clear blockages, balance the energies, and align the Heart Chakra. Through this focused approach, practitioners of Aasta can experience the removal of negativity, opening pathways for self-love, and cultivating an environment for the unconditional giving and receiving of love.

Benefits: Embracing Love and Healing Emotional Distress Engage in the healing energies of Aasta and unlock a spectrum of benefits:

  • Clearing Blockages: Aasta systematically clears blockages within the Heart Chakra, paving the way for unhindered energy flow.
  • Removing Negativity: Experience the removal of negativity, creating a space for positive, loving energies to thrive.
  • Self-Love Cultivation: Open yourself to the profound experience of self-love, fostering a deep and nurturing connection with oneself.
  • Unconditional Love Exchange: Aasta facilitates the ability to give and receive love unconditionally, creating a harmonious flow of love energy.
  • Healing Emotional Distress: Enlist the blessings of Archangel Uriel and Chamuel through Aasta to heal various forms of emotional distress.

Key Features: Aasta’s Heart-Centric Approach Explore the unique features of Aasta Energy Healing:

  • Heart Chakra Focus: Aasta’s sole focus on the Heart Chakra ensures a targeted and transformative approach to energy healing.
  • Unconditional Love Activation: Immerse in the activation of unconditional love, fostering a transformative and healing journey.
  • Archangel Blessings: Aasta draws upon the blessings of Archangel Uriel and Chamuel for profound emotional healing.

How it Works: Channeling Aasta’s Transformative Energies Practitioners of Aasta do more than apply a healing system—they become conduits for the transformative energies encapsulated in the essence of Aasta. Through focused intent and practice, individuals channel these energies to clear, balance, and align the Heart Chakra, creating a sacred space for love and emotional healing.


  • Aasta Energy Healing
  • Heart Chakra
  • Norwegian Love
  • Unconditional Love
  • Emotional Healing
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Chamuel


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