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Step into the symbolic and energetic realm of renewal with the After The Rain Empowerment. As rain cleanses the earth, this channeled system offers a transformative experience, washing away negativity and stagnant energy from the spiritual and physical body. Embrace the sense of refreshment, renewal, and empowerment that follows, allowing the After The Rain Empowerment to be a beacon of cleansing and clarity in your spiritual journey.

Author: Nicole Lanning


Step into the transformative energies of the After The Rain Empowerment, a channeled system designed for use whenever there is a need to cleanse the spiritual and physical body of adverse energies. Just as the earth experiences a refreshing renewal after rain, this empowerment brings forth a similar sense of cleansing and renewal for the chakras, meridians, and the auric field.

Post-Rain Imagery: A Symbol of Refreshment and Renewal: Contemplate the aftermath of rainfall—images of refreshing energy, renewal, and a cool flush of empowering vibrations may come to mind. The After The Rain Empowerment draws inspiration from this imagery, offering a symbolic and energetic parallel. Just as rain cleanses the earth, this empowerment acts as a spiritual and energetic cleansing agent, washing away negativity and stagnant energy.

Washing Away Negativity and Stagnant Energy: Imagine the cleansing effect of rain washing away dust and impurities from the environment. Similarly, the After The Rain Empowerment serves as a spiritual and energetic wash, targeting the chakras, meridians, and the auric field. It is a transformative process that removes hidden or unnoticed negativity and stagnant energy, leaving a sense of clarity and renewal in its wake.

Holistic Cleansing for Body and Spirit: This empowerment operates on both the spiritual and physical levels, providing a holistic cleansing experience. It addresses not only the energy centers (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians) but also the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body (auric field). The result is a comprehensive cleansing that contributes to overall well-being.

Immediate Use for Adverse Energies: The After The Rain Empowerment is versatile and can be utilized whenever adverse energies need to be cleared. Whether you feel the weight of negativity, stagnation, or simply seek a spiritual and energetic refreshment, this empowerment is readily available for immediate use. It serves as a tool for practitioners to navigate and overcome challenges, leaving them in a state of rejuvenation.

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