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Navigate the depths of grief with the Healing Crystal Energies Attunement, a unique and powerful system connecting individuals with Crystalline Energies. This attunement addresses emotional challenges, releases negativity, and supports the expression of grief. With step-by-step guidance, individuals learn to embrace life, create healing crystal grids, and honor loved ones. Whether facing pet bereavement or the complexities of human loss, this attunement offers holistic healing and ongoing support.

Author: Raine Hilton


In times of profound loss and grief, the Healing Crystal Energies Attunement offers solace and support for those feeling devastated, overwhelmed, and exhausted by the weight of their emotions. This unique attunement is designed to connect individuals with five powerful Crystalline Energies, aiding in the journey through the grieving process. Even without physical crystals, this attunement brings forth the healing energies of Rhodochrosite, Jet, Angelite, Celestite, and Smoky Quartz to provide emotional support, release sadness, overcome negative emotions, and bring strength to connections with loved ones.

Highlights: The Healing Crystal Energies Attunement is a guiding light for those grappling with grief, providing a unique approach to support through Crystalline Energies. This attunement addresses the common challenges of bereavement, helping individuals navigate conflicting emotions and find strength in their journey.


  • Emotional Support: Utilize Rhodochrosite’s energies for emotional support and the release of sadness.
  • Overcoming Negative Emotions: Jet aids in overcoming negative emotions and self-destructive thought patterns.
  • Expression of Grief: Angelite supports the expression of grief and strengthens connections with loved ones and the angelic realms.
  • Release of Unanswerable Questions: Celestite releases unanswerable “What if” questions, calming the mind and unsettled emotions.
  • Grounding and Energy Boost: Smoky Quartz helps release and ground negative energy, lifts depression, and boosts physical energy.


  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The attunement guides individuals through the grieving process, providing insights into understanding bereavement and stepping through the seven stages of grief.
  • Holistic Healing: Learn to embrace life and create a healing crystal grid for ongoing support.
  • Pet Bereavement Support: Address the unique challenges of pet bereavement and honor loved ones through specific practices.

Key Features:

  • Bereavement Crystal Care: Discover how to care for crystals during the bereavement process for optimal healing.
  • Comprehensive Crystal Grid Creation: Learn to create a healing crystal grid as a powerful tool for ongoing support.
  • Honoring Loved Ones: The attunement emphasizes the importance of honoring loved ones throughout the grieving journey.

How It Works: The Healing Crystal Energies Attunement operates by connecting individuals with the specified Crystalline Energies, providing emotional support and guidance through the grieving process. The step-by-step approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of bereavement, and the practical aspects empower individuals to honor their loved ones and embrace life.


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