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Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies represents a unique and expansive system of energy healing that has emerged from Robin’s spiritual journey and experiences. The synthesis of various influences, including Angelic Realms, personal attunements, and meditation work, has resulted in a system that offers practitioners a multidimensional approach to healing and spiritual growth. As individuals tap into the vibrant colors, symbols, and angelic frequencies within this system, they open themselves to a profound connection with the higher realms, facilitating healing and expansion on their spiritual paths.

Author: Robin Shelp


Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies is a comprehensive system of energy healing developed by Robin during years of dedicated practice, meditation work, metaphysical studies, and attunements to various Reiki modalities. This system has evolved through a profound spiritual journey, including experiences with Cosmic Bio-Energy Activation, Grace Light Empowerment, and a deep connection with the Angelic Realms.

Key Elements of Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies:

  1. Holistic Evolution: Robin’s journey incorporates a holistic approach to spiritual evolution, blending meditation, Reiki practices, metaphysical studies, and attunements. The system reflects a synthesis of diverse spiritual elements that have contributed to his growth and understanding.

  2. Influence of Dr. Eric Pearl’s Work: The system draws inspiration from Dr. Eric Pearl’s teachings on Personal Reconnection and Cosmic Bio-Energy Activation. This influence is evident in the multidimensional aspects of Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies.

  3. Connection with Higher Realms: Robin’s exploration and participation in global meditations have opened doors to higher realms and energies. The system reflects his connection with Angels, Masters, Spirit Animals, Trees, and Crystals, all of which have played a role in his spiritual journey.

  4. Divine Intervention and Synchronicities: The creation of Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies is attributed to divine intervention and a series of synchronicities in Robin’s life. These experiences guided him onto his spiritual path, where a fascination with the Angelic Realms became a central focus.

  5. Energetic Vibrations and Colors: When tapping into Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies, practitioners may sense or see vibrant energy vibrations in colors such as Gold, Violet, Blue, White, Green, and Pink. These colors are indicative of the angelic frequencies embedded in the system.

  6. Sacred Symbols: The system includes sacred symbols, such as a 5-Pointed Star and an Angel Symbol. These symbols carry specific vibrational frequencies that enhance the connection with angelic energies and facilitate healing.

Practical Application:

  • Healing Sessions: Incorporate Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies into healing sessions to access the multidimensional healing energies inspired by the Angelic Realms. The diverse colors and symbols can be used intuitively to address various aspects of healing.

  • Meditation Practices: Utilize the system during meditation practices to deepen the connection with higher realms, including Angels, Masters, and other benevolent energies. The vibrant colors and symbols can enhance the meditative experience.

  • Personal Spiritual Growth: Explore the system as a tool for personal spiritual growth, drawing upon the diverse influences and energies embedded in Angel Diamond Star Portal Energies. Use it as a guide for holistic evolution and self-discovery.

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