Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System

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The Angelic Family Dynamic Healing System offers a holistic approach to healing and transforming family dynamics with the support of the Angelic Team. By addressing individual and collective aspects of family energy, this system aims to restore harmony, balance, and love, fostering an environment conducive to spiritual growth and understanding. It recognizes the enduring connections across realms, the transmission of ancestral wisdom, and the profound impact of Soul Family members on the spiritual journey.

Author: Raine Hilton


The Angelic Family Dynamic Healing System is a comprehensive energy system designed to work with the Angelic Team in restoring harmony, balance, love, and respect within family units. While there are no strict prerequisites, a foundational understanding of advanced energy work, connections with Angelic Energy, and familiarity with Shamanic Journeying are recommended. The Angelic Team collaborates with the Oversoul created by family units, addressing individual and collective dynamics to promote healing and transformation.

Key Components of the Angelic Family Dynamic Healing System:

  1. Angelic Team Collaboration:

    • The Angelic Team is assigned to work with the Oversoul created by family units.
    • Collaboration involves addressing individual family members’ needs and the overall collective family dynamic.
  2. Harmony and Balance Restoration:

    • Focuses on restoring harmony, balance, love, and respect within family structures.
    • Aims to create an environment of mutual support, spiritual growth, and understanding.
  3. Immediate and Extended Families:

    • Addresses immediate family dynamics, including parents, siblings, and partners.
    • Extends healing to friends, colleagues, or individuals intuitively connected at a deeper level.
  4. Navigating Human Emotions:

    • Acknowledges the impact of human emotions and challenging circumstances within family dynamics.
    • Offers assistance in navigating emotions, fostering empathy, and overcoming difficulties.
  5. Deep Emotional Empathy:

    • Recognizes the deep emotional and empathic connection among family members.
    • Provides healing support for wounds, disagreements, and struggles at a profound level.
  6. Reconnection and Healing:

    • Aids individuals and families feeling disconnected, estranged, or experiencing constant tension.
    • Supports healing from disagreements, misunderstandings, and the sense of drifting apart.
  7. Whole Family Oversoul:

    • Works with the Whole Family Oversoul, encompassing all family members.
    • Strengthens bonds even with those who have transitioned to higher realms, fostering connection across lifetimes.
  8. Ancestral Wisdom and Guidance:

    • Recognizes the transmission of wisdom and guidance through ancestral lines.
    • Taps into the spiritual gifts and abilities within the family’s collective energy.
  9. Soul Family Connections:

    • Defines Soul Family as the spiritual equivalent to the birth family on earth.
    • Explains that Soul Family members share the same over-soul, being drawn to each other across lifetimes.
  10. Astral Realm Guides:

    • Highlights the role of Soul Family members as guides in the Astral Realm.
    • Describes their potential incarnations as friends, teachers, or relatives on earth.

Benefits of the Angelic Family Dynamic Healing System:

  1. Healing and Transformation:

    • Facilitates profound healing and transformation within family units.
    • Empowers individuals to navigate challenges and foster positive dynamics.
  2. Mutual Support and Understanding:

    • Promotes an environment of mutual support, love, and understanding.
    • Strengthens the bonds that contribute to spiritual growth and well-being.
  3. Addressing Disconnections:

    • Assists those feeling disconnected, estranged, or facing constant tension.
    • Offers tools for healing disagreements, misunderstandings, and emotional struggles.
  4. Connection Across Realms:

    • Strengthens the connection with family members, including those in higher realms.
    • Recognizes the enduring bonds beyond physical lifetimes.
  5. Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts:

    • Taps into ancestral wisdom and spiritual gifts within the family’s collective energy.
    • Enables individuals to access guidance and abilities passed down through generations.
  6. Navigating Human Emotions:

    • Provides guidance on navigating human emotions within family dynamics.
    • Fosters empathy, understanding, and effective communication.
  7. Soul Family Recognition:

    • Supports individuals in recognizing Soul Family members across lifetimes.
    • Enhances the understanding of the deep spiritual connection shared with Soul Family.

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