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Angelic Money Beings Reiki provides a unique and focused approach to working with Angelic Beings in the context of money, finance, and economics. The three-level system offers a comprehensive journey, starting with detoxification, moving to recoding for enhanced receptivity, and culminating in activation for a strengthened and dynamic connection. This system is designed to bring practitioners into alignment with the supportive energies of Angelic Money Beings, allowing for a more harmonious relationship with financial aspects of life.

Author: Tawen Chester


Angelic Money Beings Reiki is a system designed to help individuals adjust their vibrational frequencies to better align with the energies of Angelic Beings specifically in the realm of money, finance, and economics. This unique system works with Archangels and Angels dedicated to assisting with various aspects related to currency and financial matters. The attunement process involves three levels, each serving a distinct purpose in enhancing the practitioner’s connection with these Angelic Money Beings.

Key Components:

  1. Level 1 – Detoxification:

    • Focuses on the energy detoxification process, assisting in the removal of negative or conflicting information.
    • Addresses learned information that may hinder the practitioner’s ability to effectively communicate with angels.
    • Clears the energetic pathway for a purer and more harmonious connection with Angelic Money Beings.
  2. Level 2 – Recoding:

    • Involves a recoding process that makes adjustments to open and align the receptors within the practitioner’s energy field.
    • Aims to enhance receptivity and awareness, allowing the practitioner to notice when Angelic Beings are attempting to communicate.
    • Facilitates a more attuned and responsive connection with the energies associated with money, finance, and economics.
  3. Level 3 – Activation:

    • Activates a continuous flow of energy, establishing a two-way communication channel between the practitioner and Angelic Beings.
    • Expands the practitioner’s abilities to communicate effectively with Angelic Money Beings.
    • Strengthens the practitioner’s energetic connection, enabling a more profound and dynamic interaction with angelic energies related to financial aspects.

Special Consideration:

  • While the system addresses abundance and financial concerns, it is distinct in its approach, utilizing the pure vibrations associated with Angelic Beings.
  • The attunement process is structured to enhance the practitioner’s receptivity, allowing for clearer communication with the spiritual energies associated with money.

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