Angels of Healing Reiki – Fill the Mind, Body & Spirit with Angelic Light


Angels of Healing Reiki serves as a conduit for individuals to connect with the angelic realms, seeking healing and alignment for mind, body, and spirit. The system portrays angels as powerful beings ready to provide assistance when called upon. The focus is on the healing energies of the angels, with an emphasis on accessibility through a quick connection. The system encourages individuals to actively engage with these angelic energies for healing in various areas of their lives.

Author: Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf


Angels of Healing Reiki is a channeled system designed to establish a connection with the angelic realms, aiming to bring forth healing and alignment of mind, body, and spirit. This system emphasizes the willingness of the angels to provide assistance whenever individuals call upon them. The attunement process is intended to facilitate a quick and effective connection with the healing energies of the angels.

Key Components:

  1. Connection with Angelic Realms:

    • Angels of Healing Reiki is centered around connecting individuals with the realms of the Angels.
    • The system implies an open channel for individuals to access healing energies from these angelic beings.
  2. Healing and Alignment:

    • The primary focus is on bringing healing and alignment to the three core aspects: mind, body, and spirit.
    • The angels are portrayed as powerful beings capable of flooding the body with gentle, caring light for healing purposes.
  3. Readiness of Angels to Help:

    • The system emphasizes that angels are always ready to help when called upon.
    • Individuals are encouraged to seek angelic assistance for various healing needs, indicating a supportive and responsive relationship with the angelic realms.
  4. Quick Connection and Guidance:

    • The attunement process is designed to facilitate a quick connection with angelic energies.
    • Ways to work with the angels for healing are provided, offering guidance on effectively utilizing the energies of these beings.

Special Consideration:

  • The system emphasizes the respectful and honoring nature of angelic energies, suggesting a harmonious collaboration between individuals and the angelic realms.
  • The attunement process is presented as a means to establish a connection quickly, indicating accessibility to the healing energies of the angels.

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