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Animal Path Healing Reiki provides a system of energies with a focus on self-healing, guidance, spirit animal communication, and building a stronger connection with animals. The attunement’s emphasis on releasing negative emotions, living in the present, and using symbols for meditation and communication reflects a holistic approach to spiritual and emotional well-being. The recognition of the present-focused nature of animals serves as an inspiration for individuals to adopt a similar perspective on their life journey.

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Animal Path Healing Reiki is an energy system rooted in Old School-based attunements, indicating an extended period of working with the energies for over 10 years. The system focuses on self-healing, guidance, communication with spirit animals, and fostering a stronger connection with the animal kingdom. The energies are intended to help individuals release negative emotions and build a clearer path forward.

Key Components:

  1. Self-Healing and Release of Negative Emotions:

    • Animal Path Healing Reiki aims to assist individuals in self-healing, particularly in releasing emotions such as regret, guilt, sadness, frustration, and worry.
    • Negative emotions are described as potential blocks in the energy field, and the system provides tools for their release.
  2. Guidance and Spirit Animal Communication:

    • The energy system includes symbols that can be used for meditation, healing services, and connecting with spirit animals.
    • Individuals are encouraged to seek guidance and communicate with their spirit animals using the provided symbols.
  3. Building a Stronger Connection with Animal Friends:

    • The system emphasizes building a stronger connection with animals, fostering an understanding of their present-focused perspective.
    • Animals are highlighted as living in the present without carrying grief, regrets, or guilt.
  4. Spirit Symbols for Meditation and Communication:

    • Symbols received through the attunement can be employed in meditation and healing services.
    • The symbols are believed to attract the assistance of those that are needed and strengthen the ability to hear messages from the spirit animals.

Special Considerations:

  • The Old School-based nature of the attunement suggests long-term experience and familiarity with the energies.
  • Recognition of the impact of negative emotions on the energy field and the importance of releasing them.
  • Emphasis on living in the present, inspired by the perspective of animals.

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