Art of Alchemy Reiki Series


The Art of Alchemy Reiki Series provides a transformative journey into the depths of alchemy, offering a unique and comprehensive approach to mastering this ancient art.

Unlock the secrets, manifest your desires, and embrace the transformative power of alchemy with this enlightening series.

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Delve into the mystical realm of alchemy with the Art of Alchemy Reiki Series, a comprehensive set of advanced spiritual attunements channeled by the esteemed Reiki Master and Author, Tawen Chester. Unravel the secrets of alchemy from a fresh perspective and gain a powerful base to harness the energies of manifestation.


  1. Art of Alchemy Reiki: Explore the intricacies of alchemy from a unique vantage point, gaining energetic connections to manifest knowledge, skills, and wisdom.
  2. Actions of Alchemy Reiki: Understand the required actions for optimizing alchemy, discovering the energetic awareness needed for effective transformation.
  3. Alchemy Pathways Reiki: Strengthen pathways for manifesting efforts into the physical realm, enhancing your ability to bring desires into tangible reality.
  4. Universal Alchemy Reiki: Connect with the universal forces of alchemy, tapping into the cosmic energies that contribute to transformative processes.
  5. Cosmic Alchemy Reiki: Harness the creative force and methods of the cosmos, bringing the expansive power of cosmic alchemy into your practice.
  6. Infinite Alchemy Reiki: Enter the realm of limitless manifestations, experiencing the full spirit of alchemy that transcends boundaries and restrictions.
  7. Divine Alchemy Reiki: Attain awareness of alchemy from the standpoint of divine source, fostering a sense of oneness with all that exists.
  8. Alchemy of Money Reiki: Conclude the series with a focus on prosperity, leveraging alchemical energies to manifest positive thought patterns concerning money.


  1. Comprehensive Learning: Master alchemy through a series of attunements covering various aspects, from foundational knowledge to cosmic and divine perspectives.
  2. Manifestation Mastery: Develop the skills and awareness needed to manifest desires, whether they be material, spiritual, or cosmic.
  3. Energetic Connection: Establish a profound energetic connection with the forces of alchemy, allowing you to work with transformative energies effectively.


  1. Holistic Understanding: Gain a holistic understanding of alchemy, encompassing its various facets and applications.
  2. Manifestation Power: Unlock the power of manifestation, bringing your desires into reality with newfound awareness and energetic mastery.
  3. Prosperity Consciousness: Cultivate positive prosperity thought patterns, especially in relation to money, fostering a mindset of abundance.

Key Features:

  1. Channeled Wisdom: Benefit from the channeled wisdom of Reiki Master Tawen Chester, receiving a unique and powerful spiritual tool for alchemical mastery.
  2. Progressive Series: The series progresses through foundational aspects to cosmic and divine perspectives, offering a comprehensive journey into alchemical knowledge.

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