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The Ascended Masters Attunement Package offers a unique and powerful opportunity to receive spiritual blessings and guidance from these revered Masters. Begin your transformative journey today.

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Open the doors to spiritual blessings and transformative energies with the Ascended Masters Attunement Package. This package offers a set of 6 distant attunements, each guided by a different Ascended Master. These profound attunements, created in 2017, provide unique insights and energies to support your spiritual and life journey.

Attunement Masters and Descriptions:

  1. The Ascended Masters Trinity of Forgiveness – Master Jesus: Dive into the energy of forgiveness guided by Master Jesus, experiencing profound healing and release.

  2. The Ascended Masters Enlightenment Consciousness – Maitreya: Connect with Maitreya to elevate your consciousness and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

  3. The Ascended Masters Synchronistic Consciousness Flow – Hilarion: Experience the flow of synchronistic consciousness with Hilarion, enhancing your connection with divine alignment.

  4. The Ascended Masters Etheric Retreat & Sacred Flame Attunement – Zarathustra: Journey to the etheric retreat with Zarathustra, embracing the sacred flame for purification and spiritual growth.

  5. The Ascended Masters Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement – Mother Mary: Mother Mary guides you through inner child healing, fostering integration and deep emotional healing.

  6. Transmuting Self-Sabotaging Behavior – St Germain: Work with St Germain to transmute self-sabotaging behaviors, paving the way for positive transformation.


  1. Forgiveness and Release: Master the art of forgiveness and release with the guidance of Master Jesus.
  2. Enlightenment Consciousness: Elevate your consciousness and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with Maitreya.
  3. Synchronistic Consciousness Flow: Enhance your connection with divine alignment through the flow of synchronistic consciousness with Hilarion.
  4. Etheric Retreat & Sacred Flame: Experience purification and spiritual growth in Zarathustra’s etheric retreat with the power of the sacred flame.
  5. Inner Child Healing & Integration: Mother Mary leads you through inner child healing, promoting integration and deep emotional healing.
  6. Transmutation of Self-Sabotaging Behavior: Work with St Germain to transmute self-sabotaging behaviors, fostering positive transformation.


  1. Holistic Healing: Receive holistic healing through forgiveness, enlightenment, synchronistic flow, purification, inner child healing, and transmutation.
  2. Guidance from Ascended Masters: Benefit from the guidance and energy of prominent Ascended Masters in your spiritual journey.
  3. Transformation and Growth: Experience transformative energies that support personal and spiritual growth.

How to Explore Each Attunement: Click on the respective attunement to open a new page where you can delve into detailed descriptions of each Master and understand how their energies will influence your spiritual and life path.

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