Ascension Reiki 1st – 10th Degree Package – The Tenfold Nature of Divine Love


Ascension Reiki beckons those ready to embrace the healer within and unlock the transformative power of Universal Love. With each attunement, practitioners ascend to higher realms, fostering healing, love, and spiritual growth. Begin your journey with Ascension Reiki and experience the profound shifts it brings to your life and practice.

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Ascension Reiki is a profound journey of spiritual attunements designed to awaken the healer within and connect practitioners with the Universal Life Force Energy. Through a series of ten degrees, each attunement targets specific aspects of the subtle anatomy, paving the way for healing, service, and personal growth.

The Essence of Ascension Reiki: A healer is born through the transformative experience of receiving an attunement. Ascension Reiki opens practitioners to the flow of Universal Love and Divine Energy, allowing them to channel these forces for healing. Right View and Right Attention become integral as practitioners set aside ego and selfish interests, allowing the Higher Will of the Reiki Source to manifest for the highest good of the recipient.

The Flow of Universal Love: The ki or prana, flowing from the Reiki Source through practitioners to recipients, becomes the conduit for healing. The Reiki Source, guided by the Higher Will of Universal Love, directs this energy to where it is needed most, bringing about healing and well-being.

The Ten Degrees of Ascension Reiki:

  1. 1st Degree – Acting Body: Attunes the conscious, unconscious, physical body, and seven bodily systems.

  2. 2nd Degree – Thinking Body: Attunes the collective conscious, collective unconscious, seven auric fields, and the five pranas within the body.

  3. 3rd Degree – Feeling Body: Attunes the cosmic or universal conscious, cosmic unconscious, and the chakra system.

  4. 4th Degree – Karmic Body: Attunes the God Conscious, God Unconscious, Golden Light Eternal Body, and the meridian system.

  5. 5th Degree – Mind of the Practitioner: Expands the attunement to the mind of the practitioner.

  6. 6th Degree – Soul of the Practitioner: Attunes the practitioner’s soul, deepening the connection to spiritual realms.

  7. 7th Degree – Spirit of the Practitioner: Attunes the practitioner’s spirit, enhancing spiritual awareness.

  8. 8th Degree – Will of the Practitioner: Attunes the practitioner’s will, aligning it with divine purpose.

  9. 9th Degree – Higher Self: Attunes the energies to the practitioner’s higher self.

  10. 10th Degree – Sacred Heart: Attunes the sacred heart within the practitioner, connecting to the divine essence.

Benefits of Ascension Reiki:

  1. Holistic Attunement: Each degree addresses specific aspects of the subtle anatomy, creating a holistic attunement process.

  2. Healing and Service: Unleash the power of Reiki for healing, service, and personal growth.

  3. Spiritual Evolution: Ascend through the degrees, aligning with divine energies for spiritual evolution.

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