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Embark on a transformative journey with Ashati energy healing, surpassing traditional frequencies. From foundational healing to higher mind development and manifestation mastery, Ashati accelerates spiritual ascension, offering profound emotional and physical healing along with enhanced psychic abilities. Unlock higher dimensions of consciousness and align with the Divine Mind.

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Embark on a transformative journey of healing and spiritual ascension with Ashati, a unique energy system that surpasses the frequencies found in Reiki or Seichim. These refined energies carry a higher vibrational frequency directly linked to mental healing, fostering alignment with the Divine Mind. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of your lower and higher minds, achieving profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Key Features:

  • Unique Vibrational Frequency: Ashati energies offer a refined and higher vibrational frequency, distinct from traditional Reiki or Seichim.
  • Mental Healing: Directly linked to the lower and higher minds, Ashati facilitates deep emotional and physical healing, addressing thought patterns, beliefs, and manifestation abilities.
  • Spiritual Ascension: Accelerate your spiritual ascension by aligning with the Divine Mind, transcending to new dimensions of consciousness.

Ashati Level 1 – Foundation Course: Begin your journey with Ashati Level 1, the foundation course designed to develop your healing and psychic abilities. This course provides essential information, energies, and skills for a spectacular metamorphosis of mind, body, and spirit. Explore Ashati energy, learn the first symbol’s transformative effects on the lower mind, and gain techniques for self-healing and treating others.

Ashati Level 2 – Higher Mind Development: Move to Ashati Level 2, focusing on healing, connecting with, and developing your higher mind. A new symbol is introduced, strengthening the link between your lower and higher minds. This level facilitates deep healing within thought patterns, beliefs, manifestation power, and psychic abilities, fostering a harmonious connection between both minds.

Ashati Level 3 – Manifestation Mastery: Advance to Ashati Level 3, becoming a manifestation and spiritual guidance master. This level introduces a powerful symbol and teaches attunement techniques. Access higher energies, strengthen the connection between your Higher Mind and The Divine Mind, and trigger significant changes within your energy field. From an altered state of consciousness, perform readings, clearings, and manifest healing on all levels.


  • Profound Healing: Experience deep emotional and physical healing through the refined energies of Ashati.
  • Psychic Development: Enhance psychic sensitivity and develop a greater ability to manifest.
  • Spiritual Ascension: Accelerate your spiritual journey by aligning with the Divine Mind and exploring higher dimensions.

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