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Embark on a transformative journey with Ashati Level 2, focusing on healing and elevating your higher mind. This unique attunement introduces a new symbol and establishes a robust link between your lower and higher minds. Explore the intricate structure of Ashati, delve into soul-level healing techniques, and prepare to work as a practitioner. Elevate your spiritual awareness and unlock enhanced psychic abilities for a holistic healing experience.

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Author: Jerome Baudel


Journey deeper into the realms of Ashati with Level 2—a transformative experience designed to focus on healing, connecting with, and developing your higher mind. With the introduction of a powerful new symbol, this level’s attunement offers a distinctive energy experience compared to Ashati 1, Reiki, and other energy initiations. Gain access to higher energies, clearing, increasing, and strengthening the profound connection between your lower and higher minds.

Key Features:

  • Higher Mind Healing: Level 2 is tailored to heal, connect with, and elevate your higher mind, introducing a new symbol for this purpose.
  • Energy Attunement: Experience a unique energy attunement, establishing a robust link between your brow, third eye, and solar plexus chakras.
  • Transformational Access: Gain access to higher energies fostering deep healing, transformation, and enhanced psychic abilities.

Contents of Level 2 Manual:

  • Structure of Ashati: Understand the intricate structure and foundations of Ashati energy.
  • Origins of Ashati: Explore the origins and roots of the powerful Ashati system.
  • Levels of Consciousness: Delve into the various levels of consciousness shaping your spiritual journey.
  • The Soul: Uncover the essence of your soul, connecting with profound spiritual insights.
  • Soul Chakras & Energy Bodies: Explore the soul’s chakras and energy bodies, unraveling deeper spiritual dimensions.
  • The Ashati 2 Energy: Grasp the unique energy signature and transformative power of Ashati Level 2.
  • Ashati Guides: Connect with guides to navigate and harness the energies for healing and development.
  • Healing Techniques: Learn advanced healing techniques for profound soul-level transformations.
  • Past Life Healing: Dive into past life healing, unraveling karmic imprints and facilitating soul evolution.
  • Ashati 2 Symbol: Understand and harness the significance of the Ashati 2 symbol.
  • Working as a Practitioner: Equip yourself to utilize Ashati Level 2 energies professionally.
  • Universal Dimensions: Explore dimensions beyond the earthly realm, expanding your spiritual horizons.


  • Holistic Healing: Achieve deep healing and transformation within both higher and lower minds.
  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Strengthen your psychic abilities and intuitive insights.
  • Professional Readiness: Prepare to work as a practitioner, extending healing to others.
  • Expanded Spiritual Awareness: Access universal dimensions, broadening your spiritual perspective.

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