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Experience the transformative power of Attraction Reiki, a user-friendly energy system designed to cultivate an “Aura of Success.” Explore the principles of the Laws of Attraction, delve into beliefs and intentions, and harness healing symbols for manifestation. This comprehensive system, suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, guides you through Levels 1 to 3, each offering three healing symbols corresponding to the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit. Shape your reality, attract positive vibrations, and embark on a journey of personal growth and success.

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Step into the realm of positive transformation with Attraction Reiki, an accessible and powerful energy system crafted by Stephanie to help you create an “Aura of Success.” This unique Reiki system is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners, providing a simple yet effective approach to raising personal frequencies, enhancing energetic magnetism, and drawing opportunities into your life. Explore the principles of the Laws of Attraction and harness the healing power of Reiki symbols to manifest positive vibrations.


1. Energy System for Personal Transformation:

  • Attraction Reiki serves as an energy system to elevate personal frequencies and enhance energetic magnetism.
  • Designed for individuals new to Reiki, the system offers a user-friendly approach to self-exploration and personal growth.

2. Laws of Attraction Exploration:

  • Delve into the principles of the Laws of Attraction, understanding how beliefs, intentions, and attraction strategies shape your reality.
  • Explore the impact of beliefs on personal experiences and cultivate a mindset conducive to success.

3. Healing Symbols for Manifestation:

  • Attraction Reiki incorporates specific symbols for healing sessions or intention requests, facilitating the manifestation process.
  • Use the symbols in self-healing or extend their benefits to clients, focusing on raising frequencies and attracting positive energies.

How It Works:

1. Belief (Level 1):

  • Explore the concept of belief and its profound influence on personal reality during the Level 1 attunement.
  • Understand how beliefs shape experiences and initiate a transformative journey toward cultivating empowering beliefs.

2. Intention (Level 2):

  • Clarify and define your intentions during the Level 2 attunement, a crucial step in the manifestation process.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your desires and intentions to align with the energies of success and positivity.

3. Attraction (Level 3):

  • Integrate the lessons from Levels 1 and 2 into your attraction strategy during the Level 3 attunement.
  • Combine belief and intention to enhance your ability to attract positive vibrations and opportunities into your life.

Levels and Symbols:

1. Level 1 – Belief:

  • Explore the impact of beliefs on personal reality.
  • Three healing symbols corresponding to the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit.

2. Level 2 – Intention:

  • Define and clarify intentions for manifestation.
  • Three healing symbols for focused intention and manifestation.

3. Level 3 – Attraction:

  • Integrate beliefs and intentions into your attraction strategy.
  • Three healing symbols for enhanced attraction and positive energy flow.


1. Aura of Success:

  • Cultivate an empowering “Aura of Success” that attracts positive vibrations.
  • Harness the transformative power of Attraction Reiki to shape a reality aligned with your desires.

2. Personal Exploration:

  • Explore the principles of the Laws of Attraction for self-exploration and personal growth.
  • Gain insights into the impact of beliefs and intentions on your experiences.

3. User-Friendly Approach:

  • Designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
  • Accessible and easy-to-use system for consistent personal development.

Key Features:

1. Energy System and Healing Symbols:

  • A comprehensive system combining energy work and healing symbols.
  • Use symbols for personal exploration, healing sessions, or intention requests.

2. Laws of Attraction Integration:

  • Integration of Laws of Attraction principles into each level of the Attraction Reiki system.
  • Align beliefs, intentions, and attraction strategies for optimal results.

3. Trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit:

  • Three healing symbols at each level corresponding to the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit.
  • Holistic approach to personal transformation and manifestation.

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