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Shield yourself from psychic attacks and disturbances with the Attunement Protection Shield Empowerment. This newly channeled system, influenced by the star guide Rakesh, safeguards your spiritual connections and attunements. If you’ve experienced energetic de-connection or challenges in accessing frequencies, this empowerment offers immediate protection and restoration. Elevate your energy mastery, ensuring a pure and undisturbed flow in your spiritual work. Activate the Attunement Protection Shield for ongoing spiritual well-being and empowerment.

Author: Jay Burrell


Are you feeling spiritually attacked or experiencing prolonged energetic disturbances? Do your attempts to access specific frequencies or send attunements feel obstructed? Have you sensed a disconnection with your guides, angels, or masters? If you resonate with any of these, you might be a victim of a psychic or attunement-based attack. Enter the realm of protection and restoration with the Attunement Protection Shield Empowerment.

Understanding Psychic Attacks:

  • Regular spiritual attacks or prolonged disturbances may indicate a psychic or attunement-based attack.
  • De-connection occurs when intentions or thoughts directed towards others lack the highest good, leading to energy disturbances.

Introducing Attunement Protection Shield:

  • A newly channeled system by spirit and star guide Rakesh.
  • Crafted with the sole purpose of protecting and fortifying your spiritual connections and attunements.

Key Signs for Empowerment:

  • Energetic De-connection: Feelings of being spiritually attacked or experiencing extended disturbances.
  • Obstructed Frequencies: Challenges in accessing specific energy frequencies or sending attunements.
  • Disconnection with Guides: Sense of separation from guides, angels, or spiritual mentors.

Empowerment Benefits:

  • Immediate Protection: Establish a shield to safeguard against psychic attacks and disturbances.
  • Restoration of Connections: Reconnect with guides, angels, and spiritual mentors for enhanced guidance.
  • Obstruction Removal: Clear obstacles hindering the flow of attunement energy.

How Attunement Protection Shield Works:

  • Energetic Defense: Form a protective shield around your spiritual connections and attunements.
  • Undercurrent of Energy: Receive a unique energy undercurrent for viewing and protecting your spiritual work.
  • Prevent Tampering: Safeguard against tampering or corruption of channeled energy streams.

Guidance for Lightworkers:

  • Thought Awareness: Acknowledge the power of thoughts and intentions, ensuring alignment with the highest good.
  • Energy Clearing: Remove anything not serving your or others’ highest intentions, especially in teaching and attunement practices.

Unique Features:

  • Brand New System: Freshly channeled empowerment for enhanced spiritual protection.
  • Star Guide Influence: Infused with energy from the star guide Rakesh for heightened effectiveness.
  • Dual Functionality: Not only protects but also allows you to view and safeguard your spiritual work.

Take Charge of Your Spiritual Well-being:

  • Self-Empowerment: Activate the Attunement Protection Shield for ongoing spiritual well-being.
  • Energy Mastery: Shield your spiritual connections and attunements, ensuring a pure and undisturbed flow.

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