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This holistic approach suggests a combination of historical, symbolic, and practical elements to create a comprehensive system for spiritual growth and transformation using the metaphor of the butterfly. Individuals interested in this system would likely use the provided manual as a guide for their journey with Butterfly Healing Reiki.

Author: Nicole Lanning


It seems like you’ve provided information about the Butterfly Healing Reiki system and its associated manual. This system appears to be focused on connecting with the transformational energies of the butterfly to aid individuals on their spiritual paths. Here’s a brief breakdown of the elements you mentioned:

  1. History of the Butterfly:

    • This may include information on the symbolic and spiritual significance of butterflies in various cultures and belief systems.
  2. Butterfly Attributes:

    • Describing the characteristics and qualities associated with butterflies, which may serve as metaphors for personal growth and transformation.
  3. Butterfly Totem (Power Animal and Totem Animal):

    • Exploring the concept of the butterfly as a power animal or totem animal in spiritual practices and traditions.
  4. Butterfly Reiki Healing Symbol:

    • Introducing a specific symbol associated with the Butterfly Healing Reiki system, likely used for healing and energy work.
  5. Attunement Process:

    • Outlining the steps involved in the attunement process, which is a ceremony or ritual that aligns the individual with the Butterfly Healing Reiki energies.
  6. Activating and Using Butterfly Healing Reiki Energies:

    • Providing guidance on how individuals can actively engage with and utilize the energies of the Butterfly Healing Reiki system in their personal and spiritual practices.
  7. Personal Experiences:

    • Sharing personal post-attunement effects, such as feelings of happiness and floating, to give potential practitioners an idea of what they might experience.


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