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Revere the foundation of your life—your bones—with Bone Care, a holistic approach to nurturing, aligning, and revitalizing the very essence of your being.

Author: Mariah Windsong


Your bones, the silent architects of your body, play a vital role in providing support, structure, and protection. Beyond their foundational function, bones house the intricate dance of muscles and safeguard the body’s vital organs. Nestled within your bones is the extraordinary bone marrow, a sacred birthing ground for life-sustaining blood cells, the very essence of your life force.

Unlock the Wisdom of Bone Care:

Bone Karma Cleanse: Embark on a transformative journey with Bone Karma Cleanse, an energy function that beckons the eternal divine energies to cleanse your bones of any karmic imprints. Release the burdens that may have adversely affected your bones, allowing rejuvenation and harmony to permeate your entire being.

Structural Alignment: Experience the harmonious symphony of energies as Structural Alignment guides your physical structure to align with your highest divine blueprint. This function is a pathway to optimal balance and alignment, promoting a sense of well-being and vitality.

Optimal Bone Density Field: Ease the discomfort that often originates in the hips with the Optimal Bone Density Field. This simple yet powerful function offers relief, allowing you to move through life with grace and flexibility.

Ideal Calcium Concentration: Harness the power of intention with Ideal Calcium Concentration, a function designed to enhance the body’s absorption of calcium. Elevate your bone health by optimizing calcium levels, supporting overall well-being.

Bone Marrow Vitality: Ignite the vitality within your bones with Bone Marrow Vitality. This function amplifies the internal structure of your bones, fostering a healthier bone marrow environment and increasing the production of red blood cells, vitalizing your very essence.

Key Benefits of Bone Care:

  • Cleansing bone karma for holistic well-being
  • Harmonizing structural alignment for vitality
  • Easing hip discomfort with optimal bone density
  • Enhancing calcium absorption for bone health
  • Vitalizing bone marrow for increased red blood cell production

How It Works:

Bone Care operates through energy functions, allowing you to tap into the innate wisdom of your bones. Whether you seek karmic cleansing, structural alignment, or enhanced vitality, Bone Care is your companion on the journey to optimal bone health and overall well-being.

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