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As you embrace the vibrant energy of Brain Heart Connection, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and psychic empowerment. Let the radiant connections between your brain, heart, and third eye guide you towards a profound and enlightened existence.

Author: Hari Winarso


Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Awakening with Brain Heart Connection

The Brain Heart Connection attunement, channeled by the esteemed Hari Winarso and Wara Estrini in 2010, unveils a profound energy system that beautifully enhances the dynamic connection between your brain and heart. As you activate this vibrant energy, you open the gateway to an intricate network that amplifies both energetic and neural pathways, offering a transformative experience for your spiritual journey.

Key Features and Objectives:

Unlock Soul Memories: The radiant energy of Brain Heart Connection serves as a bridge to your soul memories. Dive deep into the reservoir of your consciousness, gaining access to profound insights that can elevate your spiritual understanding and aid in various forms of spiritual study and learning.

Spiritual Vibrations: Immerse yourself in a strong spiritual vibration that permeates your being. This energy is a catalyst for altering your consciousness, providing a powerful boost for those ready to awaken spiritually. Let the waves of spiritual energy guide you on a transformative path.

Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Experience the harmonious connection between the brain, heart, and the third eye. The attunement activates psychic abilities, fostering a heightened intuition and communication with spirit guides. It opens a realm where your innate intuitive capabilities can flourish.

Benefits of Brain Heart Connection:

  1. Spiritual Awakening: Awaken dormant aspects of your spirituality, allowing for a profound connection with your higher self.

  2. Soul Memory Activation: Gain access to soul memories that hold the key to deep spiritual insights and growth.

  3. Psychic Empowerment: Elevate your psychic abilities, fostering clear intuition and communication with spirit guides.

  4. Consciousness Alteration: Experience a shift in consciousness, propelling you towards a more awakened and enlightened state.

How It Works:

The Brain Heart Connection operates as an energy system, infusing your being with transformative vibrations. Through the attunement, your energetic and neural pathways are illuminated, creating a seamless flow between the brain, heart, and third eye. This harmonious alignment opens the door to a multitude of spiritual experiences and psychic empowerment.

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