Da’ath Void of Potential Awakening

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Da’ath Void of Potential Awakening is characterized as a complex yet transformative attunement focused on emotional and potential awakening. The repeated use of Da’ath Void is recommended to ensure the awakening of various potentials, contributing to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

The system aligns with the idea that potentials exist within individuals, and the attunement serves as a catalyst to bring these potentials into active growth, resulting in tangible manifestations in their lives.

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Author: Mariah Windsong


Da’ath Void of Potential Awakening is presented as a channeled system designed to awaken the chambers of the heart to the spark of emotion. It is described as a means to ignite potentials within the void of Da’ath, leading to their awakening and subsequent manifestation in one’s reality. The primary purpose is to empower individuals, providing confidence that they have taken the necessary steps to bring forth desired results in their lives.

Key Concepts:

  1. Heart Chamber Awakening:

    • The attunement is said to specifically target the chambers of the heart, initiating an awakening to the spark of emotion.
    • By focusing on the emotional aspect, the attunement aims to activate dormant potentials associated with feelings and sentiments.
  2. Maturation of Potentials:

    • Potentials within the void of Da’ath are likened to seeds waiting to mature and manifest.
    • The awakening process, facilitated by Da’ath Void, is described as allowing these potentials to mature and become a tangible reality.
  3. Automatic and Spark-Driven Growth:

    • Different potentials are suggested to have varying requirements for growth.
    • While some potentials mature automatically, others require a spark to initiate their growth.
    • Da’ath Void is presented as the catalyst, providing the necessary spark to activate and set potentials in motion.
  4. Comprehensive Utilization:

    • Encouragement is given to use Da’ath Void as frequently as possible.
    • The attunement is portrayed as a comprehensive system, covering various aspects of awakening potentials.
  5. Complex Nature of Da’ath Void:

    • Acknowledgment is made of the complexity of Da’ath Void as an attunement.
    • The description aims to offer insight into the energies and their purpose, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of the system.


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