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Digestive Care is presented as an energy system designed to support and enhance digestive health. The inclusion of specific functions and the involvement of Divine Intelligent Beings add a spiritual and holistic dimension to the healing process. Practitioners working with Digestive Care may expect benefits related to digestion, comfort, and overall well-being.

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Digestive Care, as described, appears to be an energy system channeled to improve general digestive health. The energies are facilitated by the Digestive Care Team, which is described as Eternal Divine Intelligent Beings with the recipient’s highest good in mind. Here are some key points about Digestive Care:

  1. Channeled for Digestive Health:

    • The primary purpose of Digestive Care is to enhance general digestive health. It is designed to provide specialized healing within the context of various energetic functions related to digestion.
  2. Divine Intelligent Beings:

    • The energies are said to be brought forth by Eternal Divine Intelligent Beings. This implies a source of higher intelligence and divine guidance in the delivery of the healing energies, suggesting a spiritual or metaphysical aspect to the system.
  3. Specialized Energetic Functions:

    • Spending time with the energies of Digestive Care is suggested to provide a more specialized form of healing within specific energetic functions. This could involve addressing various aspects of the digestive system for optimal functioning.
  4. Efficient and Comfortable Digestive System:

    • Digestive Care aims to assist the body in achieving an efficient and comfortable digestive system. This assistance is intended to aid in the digestion of both solid and liquid foods, promoting overall digestive well-being.
  5. Teaching about Functions:

    • The system introduces various functions related to digestive care, including:
      • Digestive Care Shakti
      • Aloe Vera Healer
      • Villi Healing
      • Gut Instinct Trust Ray
  6. Digestive Care Shakti:

    • This term suggests a specific energy or power related to digestive care. It may involve an activation or enhancement of the body’s natural digestive functions.
  7. Aloe Vera Healer:

    • Aloe Vera is known for its soothing and healing properties. The inclusion of an Aloe Vera Healer function could imply support for digestive healing and relief.
  8. Villi Healing:

    • The term “villi” refers to tiny, finger-like structures in the small intestine involved in nutrient absorption. Villi Healing may suggest a focus on optimizing the health and function of these structures.
  9. Gut Instinct Trust Ray:

    • This term implies a ray of energy associated with trusting one’s gut instincts. It may promote intuition and a sense of trust in one’s inner guidance related to digestive health.


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