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Divine Guidance Reiki appears to be a system designed to attune individuals to the energies of Divine Guidance, fostering a heightened awareness of the subtle messages and support that surround them. Practitioners engaging with this system may explore the manual for insights and practices to enhance their connection with Divine Guidance.

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Author: Amanda Hadley


Divine Guidance Reiki, as described, seems to be an energy healing system channeled by Amanda with the intention of connecting individuals with the constant presence of Divine Guidance in their lives. Here are some key points highlighted in the information provided:

  1. Origins of Divine Guidance Reiki:

    • Amanda received the ability to channel Divine Guidance Reiki after engaging in several meditation sessions where she sought guidance in her own life. This suggests that the energy system was inspired by her personal spiritual experiences and exploration.
  2. Awareness of Divine Guidance:

    • The system emphasizes that Divine Guidance is constantly around us, but we may not be aware of it or open to receiving it. The manual is expected to explore the reasons behind this lack of awareness.
  3. Receiving Divine Guidance:

    • A crucial aspect highlighted is the necessity of being open to receive guidance. This openness is presented as a key prerequisite for connecting with and benefiting from the energy of Divine Guidance Reiki.
  4. Forms of Divine Guidance:

    • Divine Guidance is described as manifesting in various forms, including messages, signals, vibrations, intuitive or psychic flashes, and synchronicities. These manifestations are said to come from Source energy and may be channeled through one’s higher self, spirit guides, light beings, or directly from Source.
  5. Nature of Divine Guidance Energy:

    • The energy associated with Divine Guidance is characterized as high vibrational, consisting of pure love and light. Its purpose is to help, guide, and support individuals on their spiritual journeys.
  6. Sources of Divine Guidance:

    • The sources of Divine Guidance are mentioned to include one’s higher self, spirit guides, light beings, and Source energy. This suggests a multi-dimensional aspect to the guidance received, encompassing both individual and collective sources.
  7. High Vibrational Support:

    • Divine Guidance Reiki is presented as a form of high vibrational support, aligning with the principles of love and light. This support is intended to facilitate personal growth, understanding, and spiritual development.
  8. Manual Exploration:

    • The manual for Divine Guidance Reiki is expected to delve into the reasons behind the lack of awareness of Divine Guidance and likely provides guidance on how to enhance one’s receptivity to these subtle energies.

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