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The Energy Vampire Removal and Protection System empowers individuals to recognize, address, and protect themselves from the draining dynamics of Energy Vampires. By cleansing, removing energy cords, repairing and strengthening the auric field, establishing a protective shield, and facilitating a soul-to-soul conversation, this system provides a comprehensive approach to reclaiming control over your energy exchange. Embrace the tools and insights offered by this system to navigate relationships with resilience, clarity, and compassion. Take charge of your energy and well-being, ensuring a balanced and harmonious exchange with those around you.

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Author: Raine & Philip Hilton


Identifying and Dealing with Energy Vampires: A Guide to the Energy Vampire Removal and Protection System

Understanding Energy Vampires and Taking Control of Your Energy Exchange

Introduction: Energy Vampires are individuals who, consciously or unconsciously, drain your energy through various manipulative tactics and negative behaviors. They often manifest traits such as blame-shifting, guilt-tripping, jealousy, insecurity, chronic negativity, gossiping, ridicule, and bullying. Dealing with Energy Vampires can be challenging, especially if you’re unable to distance yourself from them. The Energy Vampire Removal and Protection System is designed to help you recognize and address these draining dynamics, providing a comprehensive approach to cleanse, protect, and empower yourself.

Traits of Energy Vampires:

  1. Blame-shifting: They refuse to take responsibility and blame others for their problems.
  2. Guilt-tripping: They manipulate you into doing things against your will by inducing guilt.
  3. Jealousy and Insecurity: They express envy and insecurity, often sabotaging your good news.
  4. Chronic Negativity: Always miserable, unable to find anything positive or uplifting.
  5. Gossiping, Ridicule, Bullying: They engage in negative behaviors to bring others down.

Questions to Reflect On: Evaluate your relationship with a potential Energy Vampire by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Trust: Can you trust them with your dreams, fears, secrets, and heart?
  2. Value: Do you feel valued, loved, balanced, and supported when with them?
  3. Energy Exchange: Is the energy exchange equal or one-sided?
  4. Authenticity: Can you relax and be yourself without fear of judgment or ridicule?
  5. Post-Interaction Feelings: Do you feel happy, inspired, or drained, upset, anxious after being with them?

The Energy Vampire Removal and Protection System: This system aims to achieve the following:

  1. Cleansing: Purify your entire system of negative energy and interference.
  2. Cord Removal: Remove any hooks or energy cords attached to you by the Energy Vampire.
  3. Repair and Strengthen: Mend damage caused by negative energy attacks and strengthen your auric field.
  4. Shield of Protection: Establish a protective shield to deflect future attacks.
  5. Soul-to-Soul Conversation: Promote a conversation with your Energy Vampire to assist them in reconnecting with their divine energy source.

How It Works:

  1. Cleansing: Purify your system through energy work, clearing away negative influences.
  2. Cord Removal: Identify and detach energy cords that connect you to the Energy Vampire.
  3. Repair and Strengthen: Mend any damage caused by negative energy attacks, fortifying your auric field.
  4. Shield of Protection: Establish a protective shield to deflect and repel future energy attacks.
  5. Soul-to-Soul Conversation: Initiate a spiritual dialogue to guide the Energy Vampire back to their divine energy source.


  • Empowerment: Take control of your energy exchange and protect yourself from draining dynamics.
  • Resilience: Strengthen your auric field to resist negative energy attacks.
  • Clarity: Recognize the signs of energy vampires and establish healthier boundaries.
  • Compassion: Foster understanding and assist Energy Vampires in reconnecting with their own divine energy source.
  • Balance: Achieve a more balanced and harmonious energy exchange in your relationships.

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