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Ethel Lombardi is an International Healer/Teacher and Reiki Master who was taught by Hawayo Takata. The energies of MariEL is in essence a Feminine Vibrational Energy that was brought into existence in an effort to help bring balance to the Patriarchal Energy that is dominating Mother Earth and Humanity. The energy of MariEL works by probing to the Core of the Soul while facilitating the release, at a Cellular level of old Blockages, Energy Patterns, Memories, Trauma and Pain.

Mariel Healing consists of a simple Healing Method that encompasses 3 Sacred Symbols which are encoded into your Auric Field.

The Crown Chakra Symbol

The Crown Chakra Symbol is used to simply activate the Mariel Energies.

The Power Symbol

The Power symbol is used when you sense a need to release any Blockages or to increase your connection to the Mariel Energy.

The Absent Symbol

The Absent Symbol is activated for Distant Healing to help you focus your Consciousness on the Divine Guidance that is given by Mother Mary.

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