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For centuries, the world of mysticism has been branded as religions deepest, darkest, and perhaps, even most dangerous secret. Even the world’s leading institutions recommend that you need to be over 40 years old to enter into its study. Many believe mysticism to be associated with magic and the occult. Some are drawn to it for its parallels with eastern and new age philosophy. But what if the ancient origins of mysticism has the power to transform your life? What if this fringe expression within today’s landscape of divine faith is actually closer to the experience of the patriarchs and the prophets than any modern place of worship or any form of spiritual/religious service? True mysticism revolves around the idea that a deep and intimate connection with God is possible for those who take the time and put in the energy to find it for themselves. This divine connection will not come to those who do not want or cant be bothered to put in the time and effort to establish the relationship with God/Source/Spirit {whatever you call this divine celestial power}. I want to state again that it will not come to those who have no interest in putting in the energy and effort to discover the secret aspects of mysticism. The true spiritual aspect of divine mysticism will only manifest as a close and personal relationship with God when you experience the desires that God has for you in experiencing him on an etheric level. This empowering revelation has the potential to not only challenge your worldview, but it will forever change the way you look at your life and the world around you. With this attunement, I want to take you back to the original philosophy of the Merkabah where you will learn about it’s symbolism with Mysticism. We will then move into the New Age beliefs which will take you to a whole new space of Self Development and Spiritual Healing. The Merkabah is a chariot that is believed to be a divine vehicle which transported people from one dimension to the next. You can think of it as a spiritual “Spaceship” of sorts. The Merkabah is counter-rotating fields of light in he shape of 2 interlocked tetrahedral where one point of the Tetrahedra points up and the other points down forming the shape of a Star Tetrahedron. This is why the Merkabah is quite often referred to in Jewish Mysticism as “The Chariot of Ascension”. When viewed it looks like a 3 dimensional Star of David. Why? Because the Star of David came about because people were observing the Merkabah. This is why the Star of David, among other things, represents the idea of the soul transcending the temporal world.

The Mystic Merkabah Crystalline Matrix Empowerment will introduce you to the following and much more:

* Jewish Mysticism

* The True Definition of Mysicism

* Mysticism in Scriptures

* Mysticism in Historical Literature

* Crystalline Merkabah’s

* The Bindu Chakra

* The 18 Breath Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation

* Star Tetrahedron & The Star of David and Much More

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