Mystical Forest Wolf Empowerment

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This distant attunement has been designed to connect you to the essence of the Wolf who comes to you from a magical and mystical forest. The Wolf being from the mystical forest is there for you when you call him to protect you and guide you in your everyday work. The Wolf will also join you during times of trouble which we all experience in life. He will guide you in a ‘Wolf Group’ to find your place in any situation. He can appear as a Wooden wolf or as an Etheric Wolf to help you find your way. He can also bring you rest and peace from the hectic energies of LIFE. Ultimately, he will be there for you as a friend, the best friend you ever had. The Wolf can also at times appear as your familiar if you ask him. I have a wolf guide myself whom I met several years ago during a visual meditation that I will never forget and one day I will share this experience with you. If the Wolf chooses to be your familiar guide, he will protect you from all enemies who want to harm you either physically or spiritually. He will protect his human friend wisely and as best as he can. So follow the Mystical Forest Wolf on his path to knowledge and wisdom.”

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