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Open the Path to Mediumship Reiki is a unique distant attunement that has been designed to help you connect with the Higher Realms of Consciousness both within the POhysical and Spiritual World. This system works to help you open the path for direct communication with those who have crossed over. Many of us feel a need to communicate with loved ones who have passed away but we are not sure how to do this. There are times we may feel the presence of our loves ones, but do not know how to allow the messages to come through. Open the Path to Mediumship helps to clear this path so that the communication with the Spiritual Realm is purified and expanded making it easier for the connections to take place. You must however remember that this system will not make you Psychic and will not awaken your Psychic abilities over night. This process takes time and practice. The Energies of Open the Path to Mediumship Reiki will give you the Spiritual Tools that you can use to help develop these abilities which in turn will speed up the process of this development. 

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Linda Colibert / Daelyn Wolf





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