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Within this package, you will receive energetic connections to several powerful and life-changing attunements that have been developed to connect you with the ever-expanding awareness of the Angelic Realms and the Planetary Vibrations which can be used in personal and professional healings.

Angels of Mercury
The fast governing communicative Angels of Mercury are Raphael, Michael, Tiriel, Hasdiel, Barkiel, Zadkiel. Angels of Mercury are concerned with immense communicative perceptions. They care about the way information is delivered and understood, and help in the formation of ideas and opinions. They also help with dexterity and manual skills, responses to stimulation, travelling and transport. These Angels will help with Adaptability; Mental activity; Effort; Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously; Speed of thinking Develop good communication skills; Dexterity; Agility; Eloquence; Wisdom; Brightness; Protection in travel; Protection of the studies and examinations.

Angels of Venus
The Angels of Venus are Anael, Raphael, Haziel, Hasdiel, Eurabatres, Hagiel and Noguel. The main concerns of the Angels of Venus are the social attitudes and behaviour. The beauty, grace and artistic talent, all this is about the scope of Angels. They love cooperation and romantic love and marriage and partnerships of all kinds. The Angels of Venus helps us to improve the atmosphere around us, to bring harmonious energy and achieve the novel attraction we want. These Angels will help with Love; Gentleness; Beauty; Charm; To be Sociable; Refinement; Consideration; Creativity; Inspiration; Attraction

Angels of the Moon
It is the Moon that influences the practice of magic more than any other world in the heavens. Without their energies, we couldn’t experience the flowing and the food of life. These Angels focus on feelings, emotions and sensibilities. They help rid of habits and fulfilling the needs and desires that satisfy emotional needs. These Angels will help with Inspiration, Magnetism, Psychic powers, Psychic visions, Flexibility, Love, Mood, Fertility, Creativity, Imagination, Domestic peace, Sensitivity towards others, Balance feminine energies, Magic, Divination.

Angels of Mars
Hard and ready, these Angels can fight back with a punch, they are aggressive, to say the least. Angels of Mars are Uriel, Gabriel, Samael, and Chamael. They are involved in the physical energy, by action and power. They shoot emotions and adrenaline, they push us for mental efforts where will achieve victory. None of the other angels are associated with Victory, as the Angels of Mars. They help us to take risks and encourage physical challenges. These angels help with Independence; Strength; Desire; Courage; Energy; Self-confidence; Determination; Audacity when necessary; Devotion.

Angels of Neptune
The Angels of Neptune exert their influence on intuition and imagination, in addition to being related to mysticism. These angels also deal with legacy and historical findings. They care for the oppressed and ill-suited in society. Angels of Neptune love mysticism, psychic awareness and compassion. These Angels will help with: Mystical Experiences, Clairvoyance, Inspiration, Genius, Devotion, Reverence, Intuition, Dreams, and Divination.

Angels of Saturn
These Angels deal with responsibility and change. They are Michael, Cassiel, Orifiel, Kafziel, Maion, Mael, Zaphiel, Schebatiel and Zapkiel. The Angels of Saturn are concerned especially with the authority, the lessons of Karma and borders. When you need strength and practicality, call for these Angels. If you want to have an austere presence, the Angels of Saturn are the energies that you need. They are also concerned with the affairs of elderly people. These Angels will help with Stability; Self-discipline; Wisdom; Frugality; Patience; Resistance; Humbleness; Sincerity; Wisdom; Seriousness.

Angels of the Sun
Many Angels, including Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Zerachiel, Arithiel, Galgatiel, Gazardia, Korshid and Och-Metraton, have been associated with the Golden World that is so important to our survival. The Angels of the Sun represent the power of will, the main direction and focus on any subject. They will help us to lead with respect and authority, to impress and influence other people when they are in the right direction. These Angels help in our greatest ambitions. These Angels will help with: Protection; Ambition; Trust; Strength; Leadership; Vitality; Recognition; Individuality; Generosity; Force of Will; Loyalty; Equity; Honor; Promotion; Advances; Success; Wealth; Entertainment; Issues related to the pleasures of body and mind.

Angels of Chiron
The Angels of Chiron have the keys to the universe. They are the male aspect of the wounded healer, in modern art, they appear as half-horse, half-man (Centaurs). They open all the doors, plumb all depths for an answer, and heal all that is broken, hurt, sick or unhealthy. The Angels of Chiron are always where there is a shift in group consciousness. These Angels will help with the Powerful healing of deep wounds, Balance all chakras, Intelligence, Alchemy, Wisdom, Kindness, Abilities, Teaching, Seeking the truth, Shifting Consciousness.

Angels of Pluto
The main attribute of the Angels of Pluto is its intense energy. These Angels, are concerned with the issues of large-scale Karma (races, religions, cultures, institutions, etc.) If you need power and control over anything, they will help you. Angels of Pluto Azazel, Azra, Azrail, Ashriel, Azraille, Azrie, Esdras (Christian), Ezra’il (Arabic), Izrail, Izrael, Kemuel, Ozryel. These Angels will help with Energy and intensity, Enthusiasm, Ability to restructure, Spirituality Transformation and revitalisation, Personal relations, Sudden changes.

Angels of Uranus
Freedom, independence and creativity are the keyword of the Angels of Uranus. These angels are concerned with anything original, whether in thought or expression. These Angels are revolutionaries who can upset the status quo if necessary (always for a good reason). They will help us to understand the unexpected or take us to an unexpected boost to the world. The Angels of Uranus are interested in the thoughts that change the atmosphere and the minds of people. The Angels of Uranus are Uriel and Cassiel, who in turn govern the sign of Aquarius. The Angels of Uranus by being connected to the electricity would lead to sudden changes and flashes of lighting. These Angels will help with Strength; Extends thoughts; Originality; Intuitive Gifts; Clairvoyance; Individualism; Willpower; Personal Magnetism; Bring resources; Humanitarian assistance.

Angels of Jupiter
When prosperity, enjoyment, joy and moral values are on the horizon, look for the Angels of Jupiter. They are Zachariel, Zadkiel, Zachiel, Adabiel, and Barchiel Zadykiel. The Angels of Jupiter are concerned with the potential of physical growth, intellectual, spiritual or cultural, the Angels of Jupiter are always ready to help us. These Angels can increase and exaggerate everything they want. They govern the accumulation of goods media, power and status, and reinforce our optimism, bringing happy events in our direction and helping us to develop our aspirations. These Angels will help with Success; Ambition; Dignity; Wealth; Inspiration; Reverence; Optimism; Confidence; Honor; Happiness; Good Moral Values; Good Luck.

Angels of Ceres
Educator Angels Ceres is very interested in the great principle of unconditional love. They are the Angels of the Great Mother. They support the principles of sharing and care, working with the energy of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. These Angels will help with Fertility; Abundance; Sharing; Unconditional Love; Universal acceptance; Diplomacy Healing of children and animals; Protection of women; Find lost children and animals; Marriage; Humanitarianism; Crop protection; Expansion and fruiting.

Angels of Vesta
The Eternal Flame, which Burns Forever in The Hearth. The Principle of Focus and Commitment. The Angels of Vesta represent the aspirations of women and their ways to achieve specific aims. They are interested in those who work hard for the good of anything. The Angels of Vesta are the Guardians of the Witches, those individuals who took the oath to serve humanity with dedication and positive actions. They help us to focus and align ourselves under a general or grand objective. They are also the protectors of home and family. These Angels will help with Developing Physical Discipline; Creative Inspiration; Learning; Sharing ideas; Union, and mental and spiritual connection Peace and Harmony; Protection of Home and Family; Development of intimacy; Devotion; Moral integrity.

Angels of Pallas
The Angels of Pallas Athene or Pallas help us to face the issues of earning, creativity, the arts, politics, healing, alienation from relationships, competition, and the fears of success. These Angels are the feminine energy that involves intuition, instantaneous moments of genius, in-depth knowledge and our ability to formulate new thoughts and documents, which are auspicious for the collective unconscious women and the planet in general. The key phrase is creative intelligence. These angels are part of any psychic who aims to raise self-esteem and spirituality. The Angels of Pallas is very interested in helping us to plan strategies that lead to tangible results. They like artistic skills and help us to lead the energy in our direction. These Angels will help with Imagination; Creativity; Strategy; Increase self-esteem; Spiritual Elevation; Creative Visualization; Development of new ideas and theories; Intuition; Self-mental healing; Intelligence; Knowledge.

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